Sunday, January 9, 2011

Friend, Flea Market and Fun

Angela and I met up for a quick visit this weekend.  I've talked about Angela and her brilliant blog Unexpected Elegance before here, here, and here. She's in Texas visiting family and her father-in-law has a lake house about two hours from where we live.  Mark and I loaded up the boys and drove to Cedar Creek Lake on Saturday.  Will was so excited to see Madelyn and Claire.  He kept asking over and over if we were almost there.  The kids had the best time playing.  Angela's husband, Scott, and Mark watched football, and Angela and I snuck away for a little bit to a local flea market.  We found a few deals, but mostly we had a lot of fun hanging out.

Angela and I had just returned from the flea market.  Mark took the photo and said, "Is this for a blog post?"  Of course it is :)

Trying to get a group photo of the kiddos.  My boys are impossible to photograph.  They don't cooperate at all, as you can see.

Madelyn and Will

Ben and Claire

Today we had an unusual amount of snow.  Since it's Texas and we don't know how to handle three inches of snow we're shutting everything down.  We don't have school tomorrow--SNOW DAY!!!  I'll have time to photograph a couple of the things we found at the flea market and I'll show you some photos of the boys having a blast in the snow.

I hope you had a lovely weekend!
I'm off to sip some hot chocolate.

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  1. I love the picture of the chair full of kids - too cute! Enjoy your SNOW DAY!


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