Monday, January 24, 2011

Shopping Spree and Spending Freeze

Hello Monday!

This weekend we went on a little shopping spree and now I think we need to declare a spending freeze.

{First: Shopping Spree Old Navy}
I wanted to go to Old Navy because they had an extra 25% off for cardholders.  When I got to the store, I was pretty happy to see an additional 40% off of clearance.  I ended up going a little crazy.  I bought a couple of sweaters and cardigans (I've never met a cardigan I didn't like) and then I saw the jewelry.  Everything was already reduced with an extra 40%  off the lowest price plus my extra 25% discount.

I bought all of the jewelry in the photo below for a total of $20.13 and if I paid full price it would have cost $100.40!!! 

If you keep up with any of my What I Wore post then you'll be seeing these pieces in the future.

Bright Orange Clearance Stickers
That's just what a bargain hunter like me likes to see!

The sweet, little white top was only about $4.  It's not appropriate for the weather right not so I'll put it away until spring.

We also bought winter play clothes for Will next year.  We usually buy the boys clothes for the next year when they go on clearance.  We have plenty of closet space so storage isn't an issue.  It saves so much money to plan ahead.

{Second: Shopping Spree Target}
We got super lucky in their clearance section.  We found a Maclaren Volo stroller for $49.99.  They are usually at least $99.  Woo Hoo!!!  We have a Maclaren Triumph that we bought several years ago for Will.  Before that we used a Graco stroller, which was great but it was big and bulky.  We needed a smaller stroller for a road trip we took in 2008.  We were going to NYC and the Maclaren was perfect for strolling through the city and getting on and off the subway.  We've been using the bulky Graco stroller for Ben, but it's showing signs of wear and tear after two kids.  I'm so happy to have the much smaller Volo and now each boy will have a lightweight Maclaren stroller when we go on vacation this summer.  Maclarens really are the best strollers because they are well-designed, lightweight, easy to push, easy to store and the boys appear comfortable when they are riding in them.

Bonus, the color is perfect!

{Third: Unsolicited Advice}
If you are interested in my humble opinion on baby gear, I wrote a post talking about all of the baby items we found useful and helpful here.

{Fourth: Note to Self}
I might go broke buying stuff on sale. 
That's why I've declared a spending freeze :)

{Fifth: A Reminder}
Don't forget that the Getting To Know You 2011 link up will be open until the end of January.
Link up :)


{Sixth: First Time For Everything}
I'll be linking up for the first time ever to share my list at lowercase letters Miscellany Monday.
If you love randomness, then check it out.

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters


  1. LOVE your randomness!! I really like what you picked up at ON - they are adorable! I especially like the orange(?) necklace.

  2. I'm jealous of your jewelry score! Our Old Navy doesn't even carry jewelry!

  3. Our old navy doesn't carry jewelry either. I have my coupon but forgot about using it. Darn

  4. There's only one Old Navy around where I live that has a jewelry section. Most of them don't. I actually went to Old Navy twice this weekend. I went to one in the suburbs north of Dallas on Friday and then I went to another one(Sherman, TX) on Saturday. I had great luck at both.

  5. I love shopping clearance...and got a few pieces of jewelry at Dillards at a great price! I'll have to check out Old Navy next! Great tips! ♥


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