Sunday, January 2, 2011

Big Finish...

Our big finish to 2010 was not what we'd planned.  Ben came down with a stomach virus on Thursday night.  We'd just gotten home from eating at the Cheesecake Factory to celebrate New Year's eve a day early.  I was on the phone with my cousin and Ben threw up all over me and him.  I'm so glad we made it in the house and he didn't get sick in the car.  He was sick all night so he and I didn't get much sleep.  Sick babies are the worst :(  The next morning he felt better and no one else was sick...until I got sick on Friday night.  What a way to ring in the new year!  I was sick all Friday night and felt pretty weak on New Year's day.  If you noticed that I posted a couple of things, it's only because I had the posts already written and all I had to do was hit publish.  On Saturday night Will came down with the stomach bug.  He had complained all afternoon with a tummy ache, but we couldn't tell if he was acting or serious.  Unfortunately he was serious.  Poor little guy.  This morning he's feeling much better.  He's even up and playing.  The boys always amaze me at how quickly they bounce back from an illness.  They are way more resilient than Mark and I are.

Well, today is Sunday.  Mark thinks he might be coming down with it now.  He's been such a big help through it all.  I'm the one who usually stays with the boys when they are sick, but he helps with the clean up.  I think we've done about 25 loads of laundry and he's probably washed 20 of those loads.  I'm so thankful for a husband who helps out. 

This is definitely not the start to 2011 that we had planned.  Tonight we are starting a women's Bible study at church that I'm helping teach/facilitate (I like to say facilitate because teach sounds like I might actually know something) and I'm hoping to have a little time to prepare and get ready for that.  We missed church this morning, which always disappoints the boys because they love going.  I think I'll be ready for work tomorrow.  Now we're just waiting to see if Mark comes down with it. 

2011 is off to a rough start but nothing too serious that we won't look back and laugh at in the future.  We'll just file it away as memories made.  We'll look back and say, "Remember that time we were all sick with the stomach virus at the New Year in 2011." 


  1. uck, haaaate sickness :(

    Happy to hear that you guys are on the mends and starting to feel better though!


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