Thursday, January 13, 2011

More Milk Glass

Angela gave me the prettiest milk glass cake stand when we met on Saturday for a short visit. She had been saving it for me since she found it at an auction in Pennsylvania earlier in the fall. You'll have to read about her amazing finds at that auction here.  She knows I collect milk glass and it was incredibly thoughtful of her to bring it to Texas all the way from Indiana.

Thank you, Angela!

I LOVE it!

We found this milk glass piece at a local flea market by her father-in-law's lake house.  It was only 75 cents.  

Both pieces have found a home on top of my kitchen cabinets.  I've started the process of dusting and cleaning my kitchen cabinets so I can photograph all of my milk glass in its new home.  No promises on when that post will be ready, but let me just say that cleaning layers of dust from the cabinets is not fun.  I'm embarrassed to tell you that I may not have dusted on top of the kitchen cabinets since we built the house and moved in eight years ago.  I know, I'm terrible!  Hopefully I have it ready to share with you soon.

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  1. beautiful! I collect milk glass too... :)

  2. I love Milk Glass and that cake stand is fabulous!!!

  3. Our love for milk glass is just one of so many things we share. Your pieces are beautiful.

    Thanks for linking up,

    Cha Cha


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