Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Will's Tooth Tale

It's taken me over a month to write this blog post because I didn't really want to think about the day Will knocked out his permanent front tooth.  Do you know that feeling when accidents happen?  You replay the event a thousand times in your mind and wish for a different outcome.  That's the feeling we've had regarding Will's front tooth.  I've joked with people that I'm weak of character because I was a mess after this happened.  This unfortunate event had me awake for many nights worrying about Will.  Mark and I felt so sorry for him.  We wished we could make it better but there was nothing we could do but follow the dentist's instructions and pray for healing.  

Here's how it all began.

My family from Virginia was visiting--my brother Chris, sister-in-law Laura and nieces Ella and Lily, and my brother Brian and niece Cassidy.  We were having a great afternoon (which I still need to blog about).  We'd grilled burgers, let the kids go swimming and enjoyed hanging out together.  The kids were playing outside in the swimming pool and on the swing set.  We also had out a giant beach ball sprinkler.  I let them wet down the slide with the water toys since they were already wet from swimming.  The kids were having fun going down the wet slide and playing in the sprinkler.

It was at the bottom of the wet slide where Will's tooth got knocked out.  He bent down at the bottom of the slide to wipe off some grass stuck to his leg.  At that very moment Ben slid down the slide on his stomach.  I don't think Ben and Will ever saw each other.  Ben's feet knocked Will's feet out from under him and Will was already bent over so that when Ben made contact Will's face hit the bottom of the slide.  Will never saw him coming so he couldn't brace himself.  His face/tooth took the brunt of the impact.  I saw it happen, but I didn't think it was that serious from where I was standing.  I thought he might have a bloody lip.  As soon as he turned around, I could tell it was much more serious.  He immediately yelled "I've knocked out my permanent tooth!" and blood was everywhere.  

I was on the back porch and turned to yell inside the house for Mark. This is my typical response when there's trouble.  I yell for Mark to come and help. We knew we  needed to comfort Will, but we also needed to talk to his pediatric dentist fast.  We got Will inside.  We got Dr. Kelli on the phone.  Laura had the composure and quick thinking to get the tooth from outside where it was knocked out and left on top of the grass.  Those first 5 minutes were a whirlwind.  Dr. Kelli answered immediately and told me the tooth needed to be reinserted in the tooth socket.  Since Laura is a nurse, Mark and I both looked at her.  I can't express how thankful I am that she was there.  If a bad thing was going to happen, we had the best possible scenario for handling it.  Laura reinserted the tooth.   We didn't rinse off the tooth.  It's important not to do that.

We left the house in a mad dash to get to the dentist office where they were going to put on a splint, which looked just like braces.  That would hold Will's tooth in place so it could hopefully reattach.  Will was such a good patient during the entire thing.  Obviously he was upset, but he was as brave as we could have hoped for.

Here's Will in Target waiting for his antibiotics prescription to be filled.  This is just after the splint had been put on.

Here he is a few days later.  I was so thankful he never complained of pain.

Here's my brave boy.

Here he is a few weeks ago after the splint was removed.

So here's the status of his tooth almost 6 weeks since the accident.

The X-rays at the endodontist didn't show any problems so that's a good thing.  I was disappointed when the tooth didn't respond to the sensitivity test.  At the 2 week checkup he did respond to a "cold test" for sensitivity.  The advice from the dentist was to wait and see.  We will go back in 6 weeks for another checkup.  I'll take no bad news as good news at this point.  We are still cautiously optimistic and praying for healing.  We still hope that the tooth will reattach properly and heal.  Please keep Will in your prayers.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Monday Morning Encouragement Ephesians 3:20

{Monday Morning Encouragement}

Ephesians 3:20
Now to him who is able to do far more abundantly than all that we ask or think, according to the power at work within us

When I was a college student, one summer I served as a summer missionary at Mission Arlington in Arlington, Texas.  My roommate was Marcy, and she loved this Bible verse.  I always think of her when I read it.  I can understand why it was her favorite verse.  It's one of mine, too.  When we think about all that God has done for us and will do for us, it's more than we can comprehend.  Isn't that an awesome thought?  He's already done so much and will do more--abundantly more.

All of Ephesians chapter 3 encourages us to be thankful for even more spiritual blessings...
God's saving grace
Christ's sacrifice
the Gospel
the church
confidence through our faith
and strength to live the Christian life.

If we are faithful Christians living a life that honors God, then we know His power is at work in us doing more than we could ever imagine.

Monday, September 8, 2014

Weekend Fun

Weekends spent with family and friends are the best!  This weekend we got to hang out with lots of friends we usually don't see.

On Saturday Kayreen visited Texas on her way to Oklahoma.  We took her to Rudy's because she needed an authentic Texas BBQ experience.  She really enjoyed it.

Earlier that day we saw Terri and Cory two of my BFFs from college when we celebrated Alyssa's birthday.  Isn't Alyssa adorable in this photo with her Barbie birthday cake?  She's a girl after my own heart.  She loves all things girlie.  I was just like her when I was little.  

On Sunday after church we took Kayreen to McKinney, Texas.  We ate at La Madeleine and then walked around downtown McKinney.  I've never spent much time there, but we liked all of the unique shops.  She bought some Texas souvenirs to take back to Seattle.  Ben posed for a photo on the stairs in this coffee shop.  I think Will was trying to tell me that we needed to order coffee and have a seat upstairs.  Too bad we were all stuffed from lunch or we would have.

Why do weekends have to go by so quickly?
Hope y'all had a great weekend, too!

Friday, September 5, 2014

Family Photos {Summer 2014}

Y'all know I faithfully have family photos taken twice a year. We usually have the photos taken around Will's birthday and Ben's birthday since they are about 6 months apart. Two times a year may seem like a lot to some people, but we have such a good photographer that I actually look forward to it. We started using Lauren when Will was two and she's been there to capture special images of our family ever since. 

This summer was really busy and I forgot to share some of my favorite photos that were taken in June just after Ben turned 5.   I thought I'd better get around to sharing these photos because it's almost time to schedule family photos for this Fall.

This black and white photo of the boys is precious.  
I'll cherish it for many years to come.

I can't help but smile when I see this one. It reflects Will and Ben perfectly.  
I have a huge print of this in our playroom.  

Our family

Mark's parents are so sweet and I love how Lauren includes them in our photo session.



Sweet brothers

One of the cutest boys I know!

The other cutest boy I know!

One of my other favorites.

These photos were taken at the Dallas Arboretum.  

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

What I Wore Wednesday {Teacher Style 2014}

What I Wore Wednesday {Teacher Style 2014}

I haven't done a WIWW since April.  These outfits are from photos I found saved from May-June at the end of the school year in the Spring and a few things I've worn since starting a new school year in August.

Let's start with all of the white pants outfits.  I've decided I'm wearing white after Labor Day and I don't care.  As I said on Instagram, "It's almost one hundred degrees in Texas and it's only fair that we get to wear white."  Sorry, Texas didn't the weather memo that it was supposed to be Fall.  No cooler weather around these parts.

White jeans: Kut bought at Nordstrom Rack
Greenish Blueish Top: H&M
Necklace: Forever 21
Gold flip flops: Gap

My favorite earrings right now are these from Ike & Co on Etsy.

White linen pants: Old Navy
Coral top: Banana Republic outlet
White cardi:  ?  Sorry, I forgot!
Same earrings and flip flips as #1

White jeans: Kut
Black tank: Target
Black & White top: Free People 
Sandals: DSW
Earrings: Ike & Co

White capris: Banana Republic outlet
Black and white top: Old Navy
Bracelet: Ember Arts made in Uganda
Black flip flops: Gap

Green dress: Banana Republic outlet
Sandals: Sam Edeleman
Earrings: Ike & Co
Gold initial necklace: Gift from Mark and the boys

Skirt: Banana Republic outlet
Denim shirt: Gap (circa 1998)
Bracelet: artisans in India we support through mission work
Ring: Sundance

Same skirt as above
Navy top: Gap
Earrings: Old Navy
Brown sandals: Shi
Necklace: artisans we support through mission work in India

Gray linen pants: Old Navy
Beige tank: Gap
Striped scarf: Nordstrom Rack

Same pants as above
Ruffle tank: Gap outlet
Cardigan: Old Navy
Necklace: Charming Charlie
Silver flip flops: Gap

Blue/gray Jeggings: AG purchased at Nordstrom Rack
Top: Milk & Honey Boutique
Flats: Steve Madden bought at DSW
Necklace: Charming Charlie

Black Jeggings: AG bought at Nordstrom Rack
Top: Nordstrom Rack the brand is Heather by bordeaux and it's one of my favorites.  My friend Angie wears a lot of their tops and they are really cute.
Sandals: DSW

Thanks for asking about my WIWW posts on IG, Susanne!  You're so sweet!

pleated poppy

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Ben's First Day of Kindergarten

Ben's first day of kindergarten was on Monday.  He was so excited that he had a hard time going to sleep on Sunday night, and he woke up extra early on Monday morning.  He was ready for school.  Will has already figured out that summer is pretty great, and he wasn't as enthusiastic as Ben.

When we saw Ben after school, he couldn't wait to tell us all about the Gingerbread man hunt.  He said they looked all over the school for the gingerbread man and he left them notes.  After all that looking he was in the book.  He didn't know how the gingerbread man got in the book.  His words were "It was magical."  I just love that so much.  I hope school is this wonderful for him all year.  By the way, this is so different than Will.  Will loves school, but he doesn't talk about it like Ben does.  Ben is full of stories.  Will has more stories for us the older he gets, but it's not as easy to get them out of him as it is Ben.

I had to get a lot of photos of Ben on his first day of school.

Both of my big boys. 
Of course, I'm making them pose with a sign, which they will probably hate when they are older, but I think it's really cute at this age. (Blame Pinterest)

Will is happy about being in 2nd grade!  

Ben is ready!

Don't they look handsome.  I'm so proud of these two.

The boys and I are ready for the 2014-2015 school year.

My guys posing for a photo to humor me.

Hurrying in the school so mom and dad can get to their school.

This photo is precious.  He was the first one to his class that day. 
He put his backpack away in his locker and then found his seat.

Ben and his sweet teacher.

 Ben has his Play-Doh and name tag.  

Ben was happy when we left him and he was happy after school.  That makes me one happy mommy.

It's going to be a great school year.  
We are thankful for a great elementary school and awesome teachers.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Matthew 5:16

Matthew 5:16
In the same way, let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father who is in heaven.

Today is the first day of a new school year.  I'm grateful for my job, school, students and parents, and fellow coworkers.  Somehow through God's providence I've been allowed to be in this place at this moment, and I know there is work to be done. My goal is that every day I live out the gospel so others see it.   It's more than just words.  It's actions, too.  That's the light and good works that Matthew 5:16 is talking about.  Those good works are manifested differently for each Christian school teacher that I know, but I see their good works.  It glorifies God, and I thank God for them.  They are making an eternal difference.

I hope and pray this school year that my light shines and brings glory to God.

A cool coincidence happened last week.  I'm not sure if you know this, but many of my blog posts are written well in advance of when they publish.  I had this blog post about Matthew 5:16 written a couple of weeks ago.  A neat thing happened at church on Wednesday night.  Our friend Russell is a teacher and coach, and he gave a devotional on Wednesday night at our Bible study that went along with these thoughts.  It seemed appropriate to include it here.  He shared verses that reminded all of us that our work here is for the Lord and not men.  He also encouraged us to write down Bible verses on note cards and keep them where we can see them throughout the day.  He said he's writing Colossians 3:23-24 on a note card that he will look at in between classes during the school day.  If he looks at it each time there's a class change that would give him the the opportunity to see the verses about 40 times that school week.  Great idea!
 Colossians  3:23-24 
"Whatever you do, work heartily, as for the Lord and not for men, knowing that from the Lord you will receive the inheritance as your reward. You are serving the Lord Christ."


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