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Summer Bible Study Series {Obeying God's Word}

Summer Bible Study Series 
{Obeying God's Word}

This study was probably the hardest one for us to get through.  When you talk about obedience, it's an area where we all can improve.  When you think about Christ's obedience and sacrifice, it humbles you beyond words.  It took me a few days after the study to process it all, and even though it was difficult, it was a good challenge that helped me grow in my faith. 

Obeying God’s word

Obedience is the act of obeying.
Obedience is to comply or submit to God’s authority. We have to recognize/acknowledge God’s authority, power, and control and the need for His authority in our lives.  (This will all tie-in to “Changing Our Lives” in the next study.  We gain Bible knowledge through study, make the choice to obey, apply it, and then change)

What makes obedience difficult?
There are several things we discussed.


Our selfish natures or desiring what we want over what God wants

I thought about our study focusing on gaining Bible knowledge, and I wanted us to ponder the following idea of ignorance being an enemy to obedience.
Ignorance: Ignorance in regards to God’s word would be a lack of Bible knowledge.  I’ve read a quote, “Satan’s greatest weapon is man’s ignorance of God’s word.”  Ignorance is not stupidity.  Ignorance is not being informed.  I don’t know if it’s the greatest weapon, but I do agree that ignorance is an important part of why people are misled, why people make bad decisions, and why people continue in sin.  Sometimes the lies easiest to believe are the ones closet to the truth. Someone knows just a little bit and it sounds close to the truth so we just go with it and don’t question it OR someone speaks so eloquently and we feel like they must be smarter than we are and we go along with what they are preaching or teaching. With Bible study we can overcome our ignorance.  We can become informed.  We can know the difference between the truth and a lie by using God’s word as the standard.

Another obstacle to obedience  we’ve discussed in a ladies Bible study at church is below. It's one of those things I thought about a long time after the study was over. It probably troubled me because I do this in my own life and I see it with many other people, including ones that I love.
Conviction and Conflict: Obedience to God’s word and God’s commands are okay to follow as long as it agrees with with what we want.  As long as God’s word goes along with our idea of what’s right and wrong, then we’re okay.  The challenge comes when we are required to obey and it’s contrary to what we think, it applies to a situation we don’t want to change, or it applies to a person we love and we don’t want to see them condemned.  

*This was something Mark and I discussed after the study but his thoughts were worth including.
Comfortable Lifestyle: Obedience is difficult for us because of the wealth and standard of living we have.  Our physical needs are taken care of and many people don’t see a need for anything else.  Although many people are physically satisfied they are emotionally miserable and seeking peace. Despite that unhappiness many people are self-reliant and don’t want to submit to God.

Why should we obey or tell someone else to obey?
Blessings/Benefits and our well-being
We have a choice - We have a need - We will be blessed
Obedience to God’s commands provide a better life.

Examples of obedience and disobedience (in Bible stories)
Read about and discuss the following

Adam and Eve (Genesis 3),  Lot’s wife (Genesis 19), Pharaoh (Exodus), Nadab and Abihu (Leviticus 10), Moses (Numbers 20:12 not entering promised land), Israelites and golden calf (Exodus 32), Jonah, David

New Testament examples: Jesus (Matthew 26:39, Philippians 2:8), Mary and Joseph, Gospels the disciples, Hebrews 11

Old Testament examples:Job, Noah, Shadrach, Meshach, Abednego (in Daniel 3), Daniel in the lions’ den (Daniel 6), Abraham offering Isaac (Genesis 22),, David, Esther, Ruth

Obeying God’s word

Read the following verses and what words stand out in each verse.

Old Testament
Exodus 19:5

Deuteronomy 11:1

Deuteronomy 28:14-15

Joshua 24:14-15

Psalm 18:44

Jeremiah 26:13

Jeremiah 38:20

New Testament

Matthew 7:21

Luke 11:28

John 14:15

Acts 5:29

Romans 1:5

Romans 6:17

Philippians 2:12

1 Peter 1:14

1 John 5: 2-4

2 John 1:6

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