Monday, May 29, 2017

Spring 2017


Photos from March, April, and May

We played a lot of baseball starting in March and continuing on until May.
Ben was number 17, and Will was number 8.  
Ben played coach pitch and Will was on the 10U team with kid pitch. 

Over spring break we went to 3 different nurseries looking for flowers and plants for our yard. 

I started a new flowerbed and naively thought I could finish it in a week or two.  
Two months later, and it's not finished yet.   

At Open House this year, Will did a living history museum presentation.  He chose Moses Austin.  At first I thought it would be a challenge because he's an obscure figure in Texas History.  Will made the comment, "Mom, you're the only one who knows who he is." I told Will that's because I am a Texas History teacher and that no one else would.  At first I panicked about the costume, but then we decided the costume would be easy since no one knows much about him.  Will was able to dress like he wanted to.

Ben's class had a fun space theme for Open House.  This is an alien he created. 

We planted bluebonnet seeds in the fall, and we had some small bluebonnets come up! 

April 8th the boys went to the coolest Nerf gun party for their cousin Sam.

April 9th the ladies from my church and I hosted a vintage cowboy themed baby shower for a sweet couple that attends our church.  I enjoyed having it at our home and decorating for the shower with the ladies from our church.

Spring Decor on the mantel 

April 16, 2017
Our first Easter in the new house.  
Holidays have been extra special this year.

We hosted Easter Sunday lunch for Mark's side of the family,
Easter egg hunt for the kids

We watched our niece Maggie compete at the Regional and State Tennis Tournament

Regional Tournament in Tyler, Texas

State Tennis Tournament in College Station, Texas

We walked around the campus of Texas A&M.
I've already tried my best to persuade the boys to choose this as their future university.
For now, this is where they both want to attend college.  Whoop!

Mark got a new mower.

We've been grilling out and eating meals on the back porch.  
Or if we say it as the Europeans do, we've been dining al fresco. ;)

May 1st 
Ben performed in the 2nd and 3rd Spring Musical and the theme was school spirit and Tiger pride. 

May 6th 
Will and the Intermediate Honor Choir participated in the Sandy Lake Fun Fest Singing Competition.
They performed songs from The Sound of Music.

The boys and I made slime.  We followed a video I saw on Facebook.
There were terrible storms that afternoon and evening and it was a good distraction.

That's all for now.  There are several things I've left out.  I still need to share photos from our end of year awards assembly, the last day of school, our niece's graduation, and Mother's Day.  
I'll get around to it.  Thanks for catching up with us this spring.


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