Wednesday, February 29, 2012

What I Wore Wednesday {February 2012}

What I Wore Wednesday {February 2012}

My last WIWW was in January.  Technically the first photo was from January 31st but all of the others are from February.

Skinny jeans: William Rast for Target
Gray cardi and layer tank: Old Navy
Gray top: J Crew outlet
Black boots: Gap outlet

Glen plaid pants and black sweater: Old Navy
 Black wedges: Target

Black cardi: Gap (circa 1998)
Gray dress and black tights: Forever 21
Felt posie pins: Very Jane deal--Stones in Bloom
Boots: Gap outlet
Earrings: Ike & Co
Everyone thinks I have a new black cardi, and all I did was add these adorable little pins. 
Love all of Angie's jewelry at Ike & Co

Skinny jeans: Target
Navy top: J Crew outlet
Gray sweater: Old Navy
Scarf: American Eagle
Ring: Sundance 
Boots: DSW

Purple sweater: Old Navy
Sweater tights: Kohl's Vera Wang
Boots: Gap 

Skinny jeans and rust cardi: Target
 Flower top: Old Navy
Socks: Gap
Boots: DSW

Khaki pants: Banana Republic outlet
Navy and white top: Old Navy
Gray cardi: J Crew outlet
Black wedges: Target 
Sapphire Necklace: Gift as a ring from my dear aunt and uncle.  I decided I'd wear it more as a drop and now the beautiful sapphire gets worn so much more as a necklace.
Ben's in several WIWW photos.  I need to get Will in some for my next post.

Skirt: J Crew (vintage--it was a gift from Mark 10 years ago!)
Black ruffle top and black cardi: Gap outlet 
Black wedges: Target
I love the pattern on the skirt. 

Black pants: Gap
same ruffle top from #8
Ruffle cardi: Banana Republic outlet
Flats: Ann Taylor Loft 
I asked my teacher friends if I had on too many ruffles.  They said no because they were small. 

Same skinny jeans from Target--seriously love these!
Striped top and black sweater: Old Navy 
Boots: DSW
Ben :) 
The "outside the lens" photo.  I have to prop my broken mirror on a step stool and bins of legos ended up in my bathroom.  Don't even ask me how.  Who knows?  

Pants and sweater: Gap outlet 
Green top: J Crew
Shoes: Born
Earrings: Ike & Co

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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Facebook vs. Real Life

The first photo is my newest profile photo on facebook.  It was taken on Friday night at Rudy's BBQ.  For a few of you, our blog world and our facebook world have collided and we're friends in both cyber worlds.  If so, then you already knew this.

What you (and my facebook friends) don't know is that it took a lot of effort to get one photo of me and the boys.  Seriously, so much work for one silly photo!!!

Will has hated having his photo taken since he was very small.  As a result, Mark hates photos because it takes so much effort to get Will to cooperate, and it's very easy to lose patience.  To get the photo above we had to go through Will geting a very stern talking to about listening and following directions (the expression on my face is eveidence).  He wanted to look every other direction than at his dad who had my phone trying to take the photo.  In the meantime, Ben is arching his back and flailing his arms like a wild man.  This is definitely a "real life" moment.

Here's one more photo of my cute boys that didn't make the FB cut.

I have a feeling we're not the only ones who have a difficult time getting photos of our children.  When you get a good one though, it's all worth it!

Monday, February 27, 2012

Weight Watchers, Vegas, Explanation and Fluff

Misc. Monday
Enjoy the randomness.

weight watchers
I started Weight Watchers today. This is the first official diet I've ever been on in my life.  Over the last 2 years, I've gained about 10 lbs. I have moments of motivation where I want to work hard and eat healthy but that usually lasts about 3 days. To be perfectly honest, I lack self-control and discipline. If I keep gaining more weight at the rate I have been, then I'm going to end up in a really bad place. Also, I'm really self-conscious about it. I know I may not be terribly overweight but I know that I could be healthier and look better, which would make me feel better about myself. I chose WW because one of my co-workers has had great success with it. I'm using the online version and not attending meetings because I don't have time right now to attend the meetings. I'm happy that the WW apps are included with the online membership.  So far the apps that I've used are awesome. I mentioned on facebook yesterday that I was starting and asked for advice. Several friends mentioned there are free apps for keeping a calorie count. I had the free app Lose It on my phone and never used it. As I said on FB, I have very little self-control and the very fact that I'm paying for WW every month will help me stay accountable.  Wish me luck!

One of the biggest motivators in losing weight is our 10 year anniversary trip to Vegas! It's booked and we're going this summer. I can't wait!

Last thing about WW.
Once I knew I was going to start on Monday, I decided to have one last hurrah this weekend. I was soooooooooooo bad! On Friday night we ate at Rudy's BBQ. Saturday we had Freebirds burritos, which reminded me of my college days at A&M. Sunday we finished our food splurge with my favorite local Tex-Mex. I actually felt sick on Sunday night because we'd eaten so much food all weekend. I definitely got my fill.  I was topped off!

let me explain...
My explanation about why I don't read Chrisitan books is here in case you were wondering.

If my Christian book explanation seemed a little serious, let me write about some fluff--literally
new pillows for my bed
The middle pillow is not new.  I bought it at Target last year.  The two side pillows are new!  I scored a great deal on Very Jane.  If you are interested in purchasing one, you can find it here.

the boys
These are the "us in real life" photos that sometimes don't make the blog.  I had the camera out snapping a photo for WIWW and decided to take a photo or two of my little guys being silly.  This was taken after we'd gone out to eat Sunday lunch after church.  Will wanted to come home and brush his teeth (that's what they do at daycare after each meal).  Such a great habit!

two weeks until spring break!!!
No major plans other than running some errands and maybe camping out.

Find more random at lowercase letters Miscellany Monday :)

Sunday, February 26, 2012

My Explanation: Christian Books

In my post on Friday I mentioned that I usually don't read "Christian books". I usually shy away from voicing certains opinions on my blog, especially concerning religion. I don't want to ever come across as an opinionated-know-it-all. I just decided to put that info about me out there because it's really who I am.   I was surprised (in a good way) that a few of you also share similar feelings.

Here's my explanation.

Ten or fifteen years ago I guess you could say I was "in" with the popular religious movements of the time. I had read all of the newest Christian books and listened to the newest Christian music. I even went to all of the "right" Christian retreats, camps and conferences. I won't name names of who spoke at some of the small group retreats and large conferences that I've been to, but those indiviuals are pretty well respected in certain Christian ciricles.  I'm still friends with some of those people. 

I don't regret spending time with them or attending any of those events. I'm glad that was all a part of my life. Those past experienes taught me a lot.


All of it left me still searching for more. I'm still searching, but I have a more mature view the older I get and the more I study the Bible.

One of the main reasons I stay away from Christian books is because I fear following after a certain person.  I've been around too many people who want to quote a certain Christian author and not the Bible.  Do you know what I'm talking about?  I can just hear one of those conversations in my head right now--name dropping certain individuals in the conversation to sound spiritual and relevant.

In the past, I found myself reading Christian literature more than I read the Bible. (Which is my fault and not the fault of Christan literature.)  The more time I spent studying the word of God the less aligned I was with the theology of many Christian authors.  As a history teacher, I know that the primary source document is more accurate than a secondary source.  The Bible is our primary source.  There's nothing wrong with supplemental tools, they can enhance understanding and study, but when you make the secondary source your main source of spiritual study then you allow others to do the thinking for you.  I had based many of my religious beliefs on what others had said and not what the Bible teaches.  That's where I was 15 years ago, and it's why I don't read Christian literature today.

By all means, I'm not trying to bash Christian literature and Christian authors. These books are great if they increase your knowledge as you study. I'm sure most Christian authors have good intentions and want to encourage.  If it provokes you to further study in God's word then it can't be that bad.  I know many people who use Christan literature for that purpose.  I unfortunately did not find it beneficial.

2 Timothy 3:16-17 are such a good verses concerning this topic.

2 Timothy 3:16-17 (ESV)

All Scripture is breathed out by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, and for training in righteousness, that the man of God may be complete, equipped for every good work.

Doesn't that cover it all?

If you have any questions, feel free to email me.  I'd be willing to discuss more if you are interested.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Round Here

Today it was hard to believe that it was February.  The temp in the 70s felt more like Spring.  This time of year our flowering quince produces beautiful bright pink flowers.

Another view of our flowering quince. 

Mark even had to mow the yard because the grass (weeds) are growing with all of the rain and warm weather. 

Who's that big kid?  We got that shirt 2 years ago for VBS and now Will can finally fit into it.  I know I mention this a lot but it blows my mind that Will is starting kindergarten in the fall. 

Ben didn't feel well today. Mark will stay home with him on Friday to let him fully recover.  I think being outside made him feel better (that and a little Tylenol). 

We seem to have a ritual before playoff basketball games.  Fuddruckers has yummy hamburgers and fries.  This time I tried the onion rings instead of fries and they were awesome.  My MIL ordered the sweet potato fries and they were tasty, too.

Mark's parents with Will and Ben. 

The gym where we watched the game was increidble. 

Ben was ready for some basketball! 

I took this photo sometime this week.  Will's my little handyman. 
How cute is he with his tool belt and tool box!?!

My husband makes the best hot chocolate.

And, did you notice Crazy Love on my nightstand?  To be honest, I don't read "Christian" books.  I haven't read "Christian" books since my college days when I read a lot of C.S. Lewis and Brennan Manning.  I probably have an entire blog post in the near future to explain why I don't read Christian literature.  I'm not judging if you do, good for you.  I'll explain how I arrived at this point later.  I decided to read Crazy Love because a co-worker who I'm good friends with really liked it.   By the way, I'm a Christian...just in case you were wondering :)  Just a Christian who prefers to stay with the Bible instead of Christan literature.

life rearranged

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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

We're Playing Basketball

Did you know that Mark and I were both basketball coaches at one point? 

We love the sport. 

We played in high school and before we had kids we would play pick up games once or twice a week.  Our niece and nephew play and we've taken Will and Ben to several of their games.  We went to a playoff game on Monday and on Tuesday Ben and Will got out the basketball goal.  Ben surprised us with a pretty good shot for a 2 year old.  (By the way, Ben is shooting a soccer ball in this photo but he was using a basketball, too.)

I'll be back this weekend with more phone pics.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Legoland, Bookshelf Styling and Starbucks

Legoland Discovery Center in Grapevine, Texas
Last weekend we went to a birthday party at Legoland.  The boys had a great time!

Even Mark had a good time.  I guess you can't go wrong with boys and legos.  Always a winning combination.  Throw in a Lego Dirk and NBA championship trophy as a bonus!  How awesome is that!!! 

Larry and Bob at the Christian bookstore

Bookshelf styling 
Super Why and Alpha Pig fit right in with the classics and historical biographies.

White Chocolate Mocha was a treat from Starbucks 

life rearranged

Life in an Instant


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