Saturday, February 11, 2012

February Phone Pics

Someone abandoned this giant Valentine's bear on a bench in the store.  Ben wanted to take him home.

This is Ben's closet.  Toys everywhere! 

Will was super excited when he realized we had matching boxes of Apple Jacks. 
I took a photo because it made him happy.

Crafting fun
You can read more about the vintage soda crate used for art supplies here

Valentine's gifts for Will and Ben's teachers. 

My boys really like their water bottles. 

I saw this in a bookstore.  How sweet!  I like the idea of lunchbox letters to encourage your kids at school.

Taking a bath is fun! 

Pei Wei
Nom Nom Nom 

Rudy's BBQ
Mark and I love Texas BBQ.  Rudy's is about 30 minutes away.  The only negative about eating there is that we smell like smoke, ha!  Other than that it's awesome. 

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  1. I put a note in my daughter's lunch every day :) She loves it! Great pics!

  2. Wow that really is a massive bear! So strange that someone just left it!

  3. Love that gigantic bear next to Ben. The notes are so cute. They are much better than the post-it notes that I use!

  4. i know what you mean about rudy's! my clothes and hair smell so strong too :)

  5. Oh, how I miss Rudy's and Texas Bar B-Q in general!!! :(

  6. yummy Pei Wei if only you weren't so far away. Cute bath time pics.

  7. I would have wanted to take that big bear home too! Looks like you guys had an awesome week, love the vintage crate. We have a similar one with no cubbies I use to store drawing paper and an old wooden planter full of crayons. Love how creative and independent it has made them. Thanks again for sticking with me, have a feeling Life in an Instant will start taking off real soon! :)


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