Wednesday, February 22, 2012

We're Playing Basketball

Did you know that Mark and I were both basketball coaches at one point? 

We love the sport. 

We played in high school and before we had kids we would play pick up games once or twice a week.  Our niece and nephew play and we've taken Will and Ben to several of their games.  We went to a playoff game on Monday and on Tuesday Ben and Will got out the basketball goal.  Ben surprised us with a pretty good shot for a 2 year old.  (By the way, Ben is shooting a soccer ball in this photo but he was using a basketball, too.)

I'll be back this weekend with more phone pics.


  1. Yes, fun to know about you too! We have a hoop similar to yours, but it's outside. I never even thought to bring it in. I should do that! Boyd and I have been playing with his basketball the last 2 days, a lot. I love that Ben is also using a soccer ball, in addition to his basketball. :) Boyd sometimes uses his football to shoot hoops!

    Have a great day!


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