Sunday, May 29, 2011


Ben will turn two this week.  I can't help but think back to when he was born.  It seems like yesterday we were getting things ready to go the hospital for his delivery.  He was a beautiful, healthy baby.

Ben has completed our family.

He's a fun little brother. He's so silly.  Ben and Will love laughing together.  They are such good buddies.

Ben is so sweet and cuddly.  For a mommy it's a dream.  He loves to be rocked.  He gives the sweetest kisses and hugs.

He and Will are the joys of our lives.  Mark and I couldn't be more blessed.

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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Let's Go Rangers!

Last night we went with a group of teachers from school to see the Texas Rangers play at the Rangers Ballpark in Arlington.  This was the first Rangers game for us this season.  We definitely got our money's worth.  The game was so long, 4 hours 36 minutes!  It lasted 14 innings and the Rangers lost to the KC Royals. 

Mark loves baseball and I love him.  So, now I love baseball.  I don't know anything about the game, but I have a lot of fun anyway.  Mostly I enjoy the hot dogs and people watching.  Last summer our road trip was planned for us to attend as many MLB games as we could.  If you want a recap of our 2010 summer of baseball, go here.

Rangers Ballpark in Arlington

Mark and I in front of the Nolan Ryan statue.

Two of my teacher friends, Kacie and Alichia.

After the game, there was a spectacular fireworks show.

We made it home around 1:30A.M.  It was a long night but it's made me ready for more baseball this summer.

life rearranged

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Miss Codependent

Yes, that's a photo of  a gas pump and this story has nothing to do with the crazy high gas prices.  Read on and you'll understand :)

Do you ever have those Aha! moments (thanks, Oprah, haven't watched your show in a while but I guess I'll miss you?)?  You know those moments when you realize your life has changed?

I had one a while back and it happened while I was putting gas in the car.  Since we've been married I don't put gas in my car.  I've become that person who is spoiled because my husband always does it for me.  Mark took Will to use the restroom at the gas station (gross, I know!) and I said I'd fill up the car while they were gone.  I put the credit card in and got everything ready to go, but the pump wouldn't start.  The screen kept saying "zip" and I couldn't figure out what it meant.  I have a college degree so you think I could figure this one out.  Well, it took me a couple of minutes.  "Zip" meant I needed to put in the zip code.  Duh!  Mark came back and I was still putting gas in the car and he asked me what was taking so long.  I was pretty embarrassed, but I fessed up and told him that the whole zip thing threw me for a loop.  I asked him if that was normal when getting gas now.  He laughed and said yes.  He said that's been normal for a few years. 

Wow!  I felt pretty silly!

This was an Aha! moment because it reminded how my life is so different than it was 10 years ago.  In college, Angela and I planned a spring break road trip to Florida.  We were all about taking trips and being independent.  Ten years ago, I was the person who drove across country with my best friend, Cory.   She made the very long drive with me when I moved to Seattle.  By the way, I didn't know anyone in Seattle when I made that move. 

Now I'm the person who doesn't know how to put gas in her car. 

You know what, I couldn't be happier.  I loved my life as an independent, single girl, but I wouldn't trade where I'm at for anything in the world.  I'm married to a great guy and we have two incredible little boys.  I'll gladly trade Miss Independent for Miss Codependent any day.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

What I Wore Wednesday Wk 36 & 37

What I Wore Wednesday Wk 36 & 37

I skipped WIWW last week, and I should have known better.  I can barely remember what day I wore these outfit.  I'm glad the date is saved on the SD card and image.

Wednesday: School
skirt: TJ Maxx
green tank: Banana Republic
gray cardi: J Crew outlet
sandals: Gap
necklace: Forever 21
ring: Sundance

Thursday: school
red skirt: Gap outlet (so old!)
black ruffle top: Gap outlet
black and white card: J Crew outlet
black slides: Nine West outlet (so old!)
bracelet: Premier Designs
necklace: glass pendant drop made by my cousin, chain James Avery
This cardigan is one of my very favorites.

Saturday: baby shower
white linen pants and flip-flops: Old Navy (new this spring)
top: J Crew outlet
earrings: Old Navy
bracelets: H&M
ring: Sundance

Sunday: church
skirt, top and cami: Banana Republic outlet (my Easter outfit several years ago)
shoes: TJ Maxx
bracelet: Premier Designs
Lovin' these shoes :)

Sunday evening: Bible study
Monday: school
gray skirt: J Crew outlet
black top: Ann Taylor LOFT
silver flip-flops: Gap
bracelet: Premier Designs
necklace: same as Thursday with longer James Avery chain
earrings: made by my SIL Andrea

Tuesday: school
denim capris: Gap
green top: Banana Republic outlet
white cardi: Gap outlet
slides: Ann Taylor LOFT
necklace: missionaries from India visiting our church
ring: Sundance
earrings: Charlotte Russe

Wednesday: school
jeans: Seven A Pocket bought at
white top: J Crew outlet
striped cardi: Old Navy
red flats: Gap
necklace: glass drop pendant made by my cousin, chain James Avery
ring: Sundance
I love how Will is having fun and being silly in these photos.

outside the lens
This is how I take my WIWW photos.  We don't have a full length mirror mounted to a wall or door so I prop it up on a step stool.  It's fallen off before so the bottom trim of the mirror is missing and the top corner is taped.  My husband keeps telling me to buy a new one.  I guess I should.

Thursday: school
cuffed jeans: Banana Republic
flower top: J Crew outlet (it's new)
silver flip-flops: Gap
ring: Sundance
necklace: Lisa Leonard family tree
close-up detail of the new shirt

Saturday (I think???): running errands
skinny jeans: Target
beige top: Gap
gray layer tank: Old Navy
TOMS: Whole Foods
Ben's outfit: Charlie Rocket

Monday: school
This is so not a flattering photo, but I'm going to share it anyway. 
I look so wide, ugh!  Must start exercising!!!
entire outfit: Old Navy
cuff bracelet: Charlotte Russe
gold wave ring: Sundance

Tuesday: school
chambray ruffle dress: Gap outlet (last year but I saw it for sale this year, too)
yellow flat: Target (who doesn't have these on WIWW?)
close-up of the sweet ruffle detail

Hope you're having a great week!
Thank you for stopping by!
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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Sticker Shock

A couple of weeks ago we were out and about and I saw a sign that Robb & Stucky was closing in Plano.  We were on our way to IKEA in Frisco, when I saw the sign.  Mark agreed to stop (for just a little bit) so I could see if they had a good deal on a runner for our hallway.

I'm glad we made the detour, but it wasn't without a little sticker shock.

Let me just say when I think high-end, I'm thinking Pottery Barn, Crate and Barrel or maybe Restoration Hardware.  I've never ever shopped at Robb & Stucky and I was surprised at the prices.

When I first saw the price tags on the beautiful rugs and runners, I almost had a stroke!  The first price tag was $8,000 and the next $5,000.  Sticker Shock!!!  This was so out of my price range even if they were 70% off.

The helpful salesman asked me what my price range was.  I didn't know how to explain A LOT lower than what I was seeing displayed.  I wanted to say "low to quite low".  Have you ever seen the movie Meet the Parents?  I love the scene where Ben Stiller's character is questioned about his portfolio by Owen Wilson's character, "How's your portfolio?".  Ben Stiller says, "I'd say strong... to quite strong."  My husband and I use this line all the time when we feel awkward.  I guess the salesman sensed that I wasn't going to pay $$$$ for a runner so he kindly took me to another section of rugs and runners.  This area was more my style (and price range).

 This pretty runner came home with me for less than $150.  It's wool and I hope that it last for a very long time.  I love it in our hallway.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Friday Favorites

Two of my Friday favorites

Ben and Will playing in the dirt.

Ben and Will playing in the dirt so I can do yard work.

Ben loves getting dirty.

Will loves playing in the dirt, too.
Do you see his shorts covered in dirt? 

Mark was mowing so the boys love to get the mower and mow like daddy. 

Will waiting for a ride in the wagon AKA "The Mommy Express". 

My little tomato plant has two tomatoes on it!

One more favorite thing
The Hipstamatic app on my new iPhone, which I used to take the photos above.

friday favorite things </P>
<P>finding joy

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

iPhone, I {heart} you!

I've been cheating on blogger with my new iPhone.

Dear Blog Friends,  I'm sorry that I haven't been leaving comments as frequently as I normally do.  I promise I'm still reading. 

I've been so distracted by my new phone. It's consumed most of my free time.  Mark and I went  from a "dumb phone" to the smartest of the smartphones.  Welcome to the 21st century!

I love my new iPhone! 

I recently read blog posts where two of my blog friends, Katie and Tessa, also recently got iPhones.

I have a confession to make.  We haven't had a cell phone plan since 2002.  I had AT&T way back when I was in college, and when I lived in Seattle.  When I moved home in 2001, the coverage was terrible in the rural area of northeast Texas where I lived.  Since I didn't have service where I lived, I cancelled my plan to save money and didn't get another phone for years.  Mark and I work together and we ride to work together so there's no commute time where we'd call each other.  We rarely go anywhere without each other so we just did without phones to save money.  I know to everyone else who was dependent on a cell phone this just seemed so crazy, but you seriously don't miss it if you don't have it.  A few years ago we finally broke down and bought a couple of prepaid cell phones.  We were the running joke among our friends who were all teched out.  One of my good friends, Shelly, said we were the only people with good credit that she knew of who used a prepaid cell phone.  That always made me laugh!  Well, we are no longer the laughing-stock of our friends.  We have iPhones and a real-deal plan with AT&T.  I don't think I'll love the monthly payment, but I'm already loving the phone. 

I had to get a quick tutorial on how to use the phone and install apps.  I relied on a younger teacher, Kacie, who is 25 to give me an iPhone lesson/tutorial.  Bless her heart, she was so patient and didn't make fun of me at all.  Mark asked our 16-year-old nephew for advice and information.  I even watched a YouTube video about how to use it.  I'M A NERD!  I've already made some pretty embarrassing mistakes with my new phone.  I've almost made an accidental emergency call.  I texted the wrong person when I was trying to send my nephew a text.  I also called my sister-in-law accidentally when I was saving their home number to my phone.  The touchscreen is definitely touchy, which I'm learning the hard way.

The apps are overwhelming.  I'm compiling a list to share my favorite apps.  The first thing I had to do was text my BFF, Terri, so she could tell me all the apps I needed for Will and Ben.  She also told me about the app for the entire ESV Bible, AND it's free!  I also texted my BFF, Cory, and one of the first things she asked was if I was playing Words With Friends.  I plan to, and I already have the app installed.  I've heard that it's highly addictive.  I also have facebook installed.

I'm like a child with a new toy.  I promise to get back to my normal blog routine once the new wears off.

Do any of you have an iPhone?

What are your favorites apps?  Please share :)

Monday, May 16, 2011

It's Late but It's Still Monday


I would have posted my random ramblings earlier in the day but I think #1 will explain why I've been a little off all day long.

We woke up at 7:13a.m. this morning, and I normally wake up by 6:15a.m.  Have you ever woken up in a panic?  I woke up, looked at Mark, and said, "What time is it?"  He said "7:13a.m."  My next question was, "Is it Monday?" which he replied, "Yes."  I jumped out of bed and hit the floor running.  We were just a tad rushed, ha!  We have to leave the house by 7:35a.m. to get the boys dropped off in time to make it to work.  We backed out of the garage at 7:36a.m.  Somehow we weren't late. 

The reason I turned off my alarm clock was because the boys had set it to go off at 3:00a.m.  When it went off that early, I just turned it off completely.  Mark turned off his alarm too because he didn't know if it was mine or his that was going off. 

I attended a lovely baby shower this weekend.  I don't have photos to share.  I wish I would have had my camera, but that would have just been plain awkward photographing everything when I wasn't a hostess.  Some of my teacher friends from school were at the shower and it was fun to hang out with them outside of school.  The hostesses sent home some cupcakes for the boys.  My friend is expecting a little girl so the decor was all different shades of pink.  That's why Ben's face is covered in pink icing.

Someone enjoyed his cupcake!

I'm still obsessed with the Royal Wedding, and I'm still watching wedding coverage that I have saved to my DVR.  Maybe this summer I'll finally have enough time to watch it all.
"Blogless Andrea" (inside joke) emailed me this image.

LOVE it!

It's open in Texas!
The In-N-Out burgers in the DFW area opened this weekend.  One is located in the suburbs of north Dallas that we usually go to for shopping (Super Target) and running errands.  On Saturday night the lines were still crazy long!  People in Texas love them some In-N-Out!  I'll give it a couple of months and hopefully we'll be able to eat there without waiting for 3 hours.

Just some cute photos of Will.

Will, "Hey look, there's my shadow."

This photo is to document just how dirty my little guy gets when he plays.  This is what my boys look like after a typical day of playing hard.  This is also why I have to wash clothes with OxiClean and an extra rinse cycle.

The ladies Bible study I was participating in is now over.  I promise each week to share thoughts about it and other spiritual thoughts.  I promise those posts are in the works.  Currently I'm wrapping up the school year and this is such a hectic time.  Having two little ones and a full-time job is taking almost every hour of the day and I mostly find time to blog about fluff.  Hopefully you'll stick with me and this summer we can tackle some of those more meaningful topics.

For now here's a verse that we ended our study with last night.

Romans 12:2 (ESV)
Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind, that by testing you may discern what is the will of God, what is good and acceptable and perfect.

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters


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