Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Sticker Shock

A couple of weeks ago we were out and about and I saw a sign that Robb & Stucky was closing in Plano.  We were on our way to IKEA in Frisco, when I saw the sign.  Mark agreed to stop (for just a little bit) so I could see if they had a good deal on a runner for our hallway.

I'm glad we made the detour, but it wasn't without a little sticker shock.

Let me just say when I think high-end, I'm thinking Pottery Barn, Crate and Barrel or maybe Restoration Hardware.  I've never ever shopped at Robb & Stucky and I was surprised at the prices.

When I first saw the price tags on the beautiful rugs and runners, I almost had a stroke!  The first price tag was $8,000 and the next $5,000.  Sticker Shock!!!  This was so out of my price range even if they were 70% off.

The helpful salesman asked me what my price range was.  I didn't know how to explain A LOT lower than what I was seeing displayed.  I wanted to say "low to quite low".  Have you ever seen the movie Meet the Parents?  I love the scene where Ben Stiller's character is questioned about his portfolio by Owen Wilson's character, "How's your portfolio?".  Ben Stiller says, "I'd say strong... to quite strong."  My husband and I use this line all the time when we feel awkward.  I guess the salesman sensed that I wasn't going to pay $$$$ for a runner so he kindly took me to another section of rugs and runners.  This area was more my style (and price range).

 This pretty runner came home with me for less than $150.  It's wool and I hope that it last for a very long time.  I love it in our hallway.


  1. Wow... that is crazy sticker shock! lol The runner you found is beautiful!

  2. I love the runner you got! I've been looking for one for our hallway as well but get turned off everytime I find one and then see the price :(


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