Wednesday, May 18, 2011

iPhone, I {heart} you!

I've been cheating on blogger with my new iPhone.

Dear Blog Friends,  I'm sorry that I haven't been leaving comments as frequently as I normally do.  I promise I'm still reading. 

I've been so distracted by my new phone. It's consumed most of my free time.  Mark and I went  from a "dumb phone" to the smartest of the smartphones.  Welcome to the 21st century!

I love my new iPhone! 

I recently read blog posts where two of my blog friends, Katie and Tessa, also recently got iPhones.

I have a confession to make.  We haven't had a cell phone plan since 2002.  I had AT&T way back when I was in college, and when I lived in Seattle.  When I moved home in 2001, the coverage was terrible in the rural area of northeast Texas where I lived.  Since I didn't have service where I lived, I cancelled my plan to save money and didn't get another phone for years.  Mark and I work together and we ride to work together so there's no commute time where we'd call each other.  We rarely go anywhere without each other so we just did without phones to save money.  I know to everyone else who was dependent on a cell phone this just seemed so crazy, but you seriously don't miss it if you don't have it.  A few years ago we finally broke down and bought a couple of prepaid cell phones.  We were the running joke among our friends who were all teched out.  One of my good friends, Shelly, said we were the only people with good credit that she knew of who used a prepaid cell phone.  That always made me laugh!  Well, we are no longer the laughing-stock of our friends.  We have iPhones and a real-deal plan with AT&T.  I don't think I'll love the monthly payment, but I'm already loving the phone. 

I had to get a quick tutorial on how to use the phone and install apps.  I relied on a younger teacher, Kacie, who is 25 to give me an iPhone lesson/tutorial.  Bless her heart, she was so patient and didn't make fun of me at all.  Mark asked our 16-year-old nephew for advice and information.  I even watched a YouTube video about how to use it.  I'M A NERD!  I've already made some pretty embarrassing mistakes with my new phone.  I've almost made an accidental emergency call.  I texted the wrong person when I was trying to send my nephew a text.  I also called my sister-in-law accidentally when I was saving their home number to my phone.  The touchscreen is definitely touchy, which I'm learning the hard way.

The apps are overwhelming.  I'm compiling a list to share my favorite apps.  The first thing I had to do was text my BFF, Terri, so she could tell me all the apps I needed for Will and Ben.  She also told me about the app for the entire ESV Bible, AND it's free!  I also texted my BFF, Cory, and one of the first things she asked was if I was playing Words With Friends.  I plan to, and I already have the app installed.  I've heard that it's highly addictive.  I also have facebook installed.

I'm like a child with a new toy.  I promise to get back to my normal blog routine once the new wears off.

Do any of you have an iPhone?

What are your favorites apps?  Please share :)


  1. ME TOO - I'm obsessed! Let me know your Words With Friends ID when you get set up - I'm so terrible at it, but addicted. My brother has beat me 3 times and I still keep playing him! Let me know if you find any other cool aps! I have wiki, netflix, pandora (my fav), free flashlight, cnn, and find iphone - and they were all free!!! yay!

  2. How fun!! I have an itouch and an iPad.. But a droid phone, I just can't seem to switch providers for limited data and a more expensive plan. I love angry birds, doodle jump, wwf, Netflix, pandora, kobo, kindle, and various games..Have Fun!!

  3. Oh girl. Next is is iPad! Best invention EVER! I, too, have been a not-so-great comment leaver lately. I blame it on school getting out this week. Very overwhelmed with all the paperwork!

  4. Hey there!

    Thanks for visiting my blog!
    My fav iphone app is HANDS down this one:


    it makes boring photos turn into AMAZING photos.

    good luck, and so nice to meet you!


  5. oh I so heart my iphone. I do seriously need to upgrade (It's a 3G, so very behind) but it's awesome. I like being connected when I need to be and it comes in handy when waiting on line.


  6. Oh ... I want one too. I am prepaid but have been thinking about getting one, maybe soon :) Thanks for popping by my blog.

  7. Smart phones are fun!
    I just got the droid 2 and the apps and internet speed is amazing! I am having tons of fun with mine. I downloaded an app called retro camera and vignette camera and it takes really cool pictures. A fun option when I am not with my slr. :)

  8. Leaving u a comment using mine! So fun!!!


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