Monday, July 5, 2010

Road Trip 2010 {Part Four}

Road Trip 2010 {Part Four}
Indianapolis, IN to Chicago, IL

The final leg of our road trip had us heading to Chicago for a few days before heading home to Texas.

The photos below were taken our first day in Chicago. Mark and I really appreciate Frank Lloyd Wright's work. Oak Park is a suburb about nine miles from downtown. It's where Wright's home and studio is located. We didn't attempt the tour with two little ones. Instead we walked through the neighborhood at our own pace and enjoyed the beautiful homes. I won't bore you with all of the photos because I took so many. I just couldn't help myself. There were so many amazing homes.

For some reason I thought this house was amazing. I can't believe people live in these homes. So neat!

Ginkgo Tree in Wright's backyard
Is it wrong to eat an ice cream sandwich on the outside wall of Frank Lloyd Wright's home? Maybe so. When I said this to my husband he said no because they wouldn't allow an ice cream truck to park beside the home if so. I guess he's right.
Will probably won't remember being in Oak Park or at Frank Lloyd Wright's home and studio, but he will probably remember getting to eat an ice cream sandwich.
Frank Lloyd Wright Historic District
I just put this one on here because my husband liked it.

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