Saturday, July 10, 2010

Trade Days Treasures {Day One}

I convinced my husband to load up the kids and head to the nearest trade days this weekend. Please keep in mind that my husband seriously dislikes going to antique stores, thrift stores, garage sales, Goodwill and trade days. We went Friday and hunted around. Three things made this a pleasant day. It wasn’t unbearably hot considering it is Texas in July, it wasn’t crowded and we found some great deals. I had two things I was looking for on this trip, blue/aqua mason jars and milk glass.

I bought three quart blue/aqua mason jars with zinc lids for $10.

One of the mason jars has the #13 on the bottom. I don't know if this is true or not, but I've seen on websites that the #13 is rare because superstitious people would break them. Who knows? It was just a lucky find on my part. I didn't know that information until after the purchase. To give my husband credit, he came home and researched all of my purchases and gave me his nod of approval. He's the one who ran across that interesting detail (if true). I paid a reasonable amount for all of my items. Nothing was a steal, but I didn't overpay either.

This set of three milk glass pieces cost $4. The bud vase and lamp were $1 each. The pedestal dish was $2. The lamp was an impulse purchase, but it was just $1 so it's not a huge loss if I end up giving it away.

I really like these two pieces.

This pedestal dish is lovely.

I just couldn't pass up these Fleur-de-lis hooks. I got three for $2.75. I checked out Anthropologie's hardware selection and most of there's start at $8 so I felt like this was Anthro-like, but a lot cheaper! They've already found a home in my pantry with aprons neatly hanging on them.

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