Saturday, July 10, 2010

Milk Glass, Really?

I’m pretty new to the blogosphere, but I’m already seeing a pattern form. Many of the blogs I like reading are all interconnected in some way. I guess we can thank cyberspace for linking together kindred spirits all over the world.
One of the things I’m seeing on so many blogs is milk glass. I know what milk glass is. I’ve seen it at my grandma’s house for years. I’ve always been pretty indifferent about it. Well, that’s all changed! I happened upon Rachel's blog Shade Tree Events and saw the most impressive milk glass collection. The way she used milk glass was simple, beautiful and elegant. Her milk glass collection has inspired me, and now I'm collecting milk glass.

I wish I had more time to go to garage sales, thrift stores, Goodwill or antique stores, but I don’t. Since I don’t get around to shopping at those places as much as I would like, I’ve enlisted the help of my dear aunt. When I first told her about wanting to collect milk glass she responded like most people do. Milk glass, really? Kind of like, are you sure you want that junk? I emailed her some photos to help her visualize how Rahcel used milk glass, and then she understood. She saw the hidden beauty. Now she’s totally on board. I’m lucky to have her enthusiastically supporting this search for milk glass. She and my uncle have become my personal shoppers on this venture. My aunt is knowledgeable, savvy and a pro at scoring unique finds. She’s developed a shopping strategy--because milk glass is still plentiful and pretty affordable, she’s only buying unique pieces that are a good deal. Her first trip to hunt for milk glass here was a success. She scored this beauty. This hobnail pedestal dish was $3. All of the other vendors wanted $6, and she happened upon a table where all of the glass was half-off. She found a unique piece at a great price! Great strategy. It’s a keeper!

My aunt was so kind and wouldn't let me pay her for the first piece in my collection. How sweet!

Thank you, dear aunt. Thank you, Rachel, for the inspiration.

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