Sunday, January 16, 2011

Pepper Springs and Pier 1 Pretties

In the middle of winter, I'm thinking about summer for a little bit.  Several months ago a local Pier 1 store closed, and I bought this Summer Stripes Divided Bowls. It's really fun and practical for entertaining. This set of three bowls is just perfect for serving tasty dip.  When it comes to dip, I can't help but be biased. 

The most delicious gourmet dip mixes I've ever had are made by Pepper Springs .   My sweet cousin, Laine, is married to Tommy, and Tommy's family owns Carmie's Kitchen. Tommy and Laine work for the family business, which makes the delicious dip mixes and many other scrumptious
treats.  I love everything they make, but I'm hooked on their dips. 

Manana Mexican is the original dip mix and it's their most popular.  It's seriously the best dip we've ever eaten.  Manana Mexican = Mouthwatering Goodness!!!  Mark and I are addicted, and Mark's brothers and their wives are big fans, too.  Honestly, anyone who eats their dip usually becomes a big fan.  I'm also partial to the Baked Enchilada dip.  I served it at a Christmas party, and I should have made a double batch because people were scraping the side of the bowl to get any that was left.

You can get your hands on some Pepper Springs goodness here.

While I'm at it, I'll show you what else I found at the Pier 1 store that closed.
These French cups in four pretty colors were 40% off!
I love Anthropologie and something about them reminded me of Anthro but they were much cheaper.

Perfect for hot soup on a cold night.

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  1. i am so glad you popped over again - i had "starred" your blog to find it again and then i killed - like deader than dead - my personal laptop - so i'm putting my blogroll back on my work machine.

    I love your kitchen chaos - it makes me feel better. i am not kidding when i say i had matchbox racetracks attached to my kitchen bar this morning. sad, but true.


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