Thursday, January 13, 2011

Hot Drink Arsenal

I can only think of military analogies to explain the ridiculous amount of hot drink mixes on my kitchen counter.  The reason I have military terms on the brain is because I'm currently covering the Texas Revolution with my 7th grade Texas History students.  All day I explain military strategy and terms like siege, column, blockade, scout, skirmish, weapons, artillery, ammunition and cannons.  It can't help but carry over into my random blog ramblings.  I refer to the collection of mixes in the photo as my hot drink arsenal.  Yep, all of items in the photo above are in my kitchen.  It looks like I've stockpiled enough hot drink mixes to serve an army.  I wasn't aware of the situation until I started organizing my pantry and realized I didn't have room to put it all away.  It only takes one cold spell for this Texas girl to get fully prepared with almost every hot drink of choice.  The funny thing is that this photo doesn't even include the tea which actually fits in the pantry.  I assure you we are making good use of all of these tasty mixes.  There's still snow on the ground and it's been really cold here in north Texas.  A hot drink, warm blanket and my laptop are just what I need to get cozy on a cold night.


  1. Hey wait, I thought you came to my house and took that picture. Us southern girls have to have backup when the cold weather comes. Hope you are enjoying the snow, we are.

    BTW, I love all your milk glass

    Cha Cha

  2. The hot drink arsenal! I love it. I'm a tea girl, myself, but I find myself hankering for a cup of cocoa at the moment...and I'm pretty sure it's your fault. ;)


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