Monday, May 24, 2010

I'm Glad We're Related

This weekend my cousin, Laine, and her little boy dropped by for a visit. We missed Sam's birthday party and they will be out of town and miss Ben's. Since we missed out on each others parties the boys did a gift exchange. The toys were a big hit, and the boys had such a good time playing. I love my cousin, and she's so easy to be around. She's probably one of the kindest, most considerate people I know. On top of that, she's stylish and chic. We both have an obsession with Anthropologie and the local J.Crew outlet. I'm glad we're related and even happier that we're friends.

Sam and Ben exchanging gifts.

This is so cute. It looks like Sam is showing Ben his gift.

Sam getting ready to open his gift.

Ben with his gift. A new toy wagon with building blocks. Perfect for a little boy!

Will "helping" open gifts.

Sam mowing.


Will's new obsession and BAD habit. He asks everyone he meets if they have a wallet. If they say yes and let him see it, then you can see what happens below in the photo. He goes through it and looks at everything. We're working really hard to teach him this is not polite, but it's tough. He's really obsessed!

Will wanted to sit by Laine in the photo not me. Instead of pronouncing the letter L correctly, it sounds more like a W. Instead of sitting by Laine it sounded more like Wayne.

Sam and Ben

Laine and her little guy

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