Monday, September 20, 2010

It's The Thought That Counts

Since I have birthday on the brain, I need to share a little secret.  Really it's more of a confession. You see in the photos below two new cards.  Mark's birthday was at the end of July, and I haven't signed or given him his card yet.  It gets even worse!  I also have his Father's Day card that's unsigned.  I have good intentions of picking a meaningful card and giving it to him, but this year I just didn't follow-through.  Mark was so considerate and gave me a sweet card for Mother's Day and my birthday.  He even traced the boys' hand prints in my birthday card so I could remember how big (or small) they are. 

I'm so glad we're at a point in our marriage that things like this don't bother either one of us.  I think he knows with the craziness of our day to day routine that forgetting a card is very easy to do.  He knows how much he's loved and appreciated.  Thank goodness in this case it's the thought that counts.

One more thing, should I keep the cards for next year of just give them to him several months late?


  1. I am awful with cards AND...gulp...hate spending the money on them! I'd rather make and personalize my own - and I'm not talking anything fancy either. 4 hard earned bucks for a piece of paper that will likely wind up in the garbage makes me crazy!

    Maybe one day when I'm rich... he he he :)

  2. I have a card for my husband in my nightstand...from a long ago event...can't even remember what its for! I'm saving it for next time! I buy cards and forget to give them all the time.
    You are not alone. :)


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