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Road Trip 2014 {Monterey and Big Sur}

Road Trip 2014 {Monterey and Big Sur}

We finally made it to Monterey, California in the afternoon on June 18th.  We hit terrible traffic leaving Oakland and that made our journey there stressful.  All our troubles were forgotten, once we were in Monterey and we drove along the Pacific Coast Highway to Big Sur.  I don't even know if I can describe what we saw as we drove along the PCH.  Amazing!  I may have gone overboard sharing photos, but every time I looked up there was a beautiful view.  I wanted to pull over at every scenic overlook because the views were breathtaking.  Mark and I took turns driving along the Pacific Coast Highway so that we each had a chance to take in the spectacular scenery.

We made it back to the beach in Monterey to watch the sunset.  One of the most incredible memories on our road trip.  I wanted to freeze time and stay in that special moment just a little longer.

I loved it here so much that it makes my eyes tear up to see these photos again.

The morning of June 19th we took the scenic 17-mile drive on the Monterey Peninsula.  As you look at the following photos, please notice how in the morning it was overcast, and then the sun comes out.  It makes a big difference. 

The rugged coastline is beautiful.

 I used the timer for this photo.  A nice lady saw me push the button and run down the rocks to get in the photo, and I think she felt sorry for me.  She took our camera and snapped lots of photos of our family on the rocks. 

We're really a lot higher up than you can tell in this photo.  

My favorite

Mark and the boys had fun walking around on the rugged rocks.

This shows what the boys do best--explore.

This is taken from the car, but notice how blue the water looks now that it's no longer overcast. 

Monterey is on my list of places to revisit.  

Lone Cypress on 17-mile drive 

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  1. my gosh those pics are so beautiful they look like they belong in a calendar. amazing


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