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Insta End of Summer 2014

Summer 2014
It was a good one!  
  We had fun and made so many good memories.

If you are reading my blog, then you most likely follow me on Instagram @redbirdblue, but there are few who don't so here's our summer in photos.

We shop at Target a lot, and whoever decided to put Starbucks in Target was a genius.  Target gave me about 100 coupons for BOGO Frappuccinos at Starbucks.  We used them so much, that the boys started referring to their Vanilla Bean Frappuccino as "the usual".  Seriously!  My goodness!

We have a weakness for Dairy Queen Blizzards.  Will is all about quality control and he turned it upside down just like the DQ workers do. (Thank goodness it didn't all come out!!!)

I love raising little boys.  Who wouldn't love a Ninja Turtle at the dinner table?

Mark's birthday was at the end of July.  My in-laws kept the boys so we could celebrate.
Mark loves good barbecue so we went to one of the best places around Dallas.  Pecan Lodge has a new location in Deep Ellum that we hadn't visited and we tried it.  It's as good as we remembered.

Once they run out of an item, they mark it off the chalkboard.  We arrived early, around 10:40am and stood in line for it to open at 11am.  It was worth the effort to get there early.  Kayreen, if you're reading this, this is where I want to take you if you visit!

Happy Birthday, Mark!  Love you!

Mark let me pick the movie even though it was his birthday.  He's a nice guy.
We really liked Begin Again and thought it was one of the best films we've seen in a long time. 

Just a birthday selfie with my favorite person. 

We stayed at the NYLO. 

We went to two beautiful outdoor weddings this summer.
The first was my teacher BFF, Kacie.  She and Ryan had the sweetest ceremony.  Ryan even sang to her as she walked down the aisle.  Someone pass the tissues please!  Isn't she a gorgeous bride?

This is another one of my teacher friends and shopping buddies, Alichia.

The loves of my life right here.  Sorry, weddings make me sappy.

My boys participated in a summer reading program for the first time, and one of the rewards was a field trip to the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History.  We watched an Omni Imax movie and then explored the museum. 

The boys rode the bus to museum, but we signed them out so we could stay behind and hang out in Fort Worth.  You can't be in Fort Worth and not eat at Joe T's.  It's the best!

Summer allowed us more time to spend with family.  We visited Mama Winnie at the nursing home.  I'm not ready to write it, but I have some heartfelt thoughts on having a loved one with Alzheimer's.  So many of the comments on this photo on Instagram really touched me.  I cried many tears from the kind things that were said.  The IG community really is caring and supportive. 

We were able to take Will and Ben to visit.  I'll share more about that visit later.

Love this sweet photo.


I have an entire blog post about my family from Virginia visiting Texas.  I'll have to share more of those photos later. It was a good visit.  We had some drama when Will's tooth got knocked out, but like I said, that's going to take about 10 blog posts to cover all of that.

Love this funny guy!

Love this silly boy!

Here's the second summer wedding we went to.  Rex and Cheyenne are a couple that are about as perfect for each other as any couple I've ever seen.  It was a beautiful outdoor wedding.  Storm clouds loomed overhead the entire ceremony, but it didn't rain until the ceremony was over.  

Can you see the clouds in the sky?

I was trying to get a photo, but I think they felt rain and they started running.  Crazy boys!

Just dreamy

We got new glasses at Warby Parker.

Will's good friend Keaton got to hang out with us to enjoy the last days of summer. We went bowling at Splitsville. I'm so thankful Will has such a good friend.

Ben's begged all summer to go to Chuck E. Cheese's so we decided to celebrate the final days of summer there.  

My teacher friends (from L to R: Rebecca, Alichia, me, Kacy, and Kacie) and I ended the summer a little differently than the kids do.  Tex Mex and shopping are our idea of a good time.

I'll call this "Chuy's chips, queso, salsa, and dip massacre", ha! Can you tell we really like dip?  Will saw this photo and said, "That's a lot of dip!"

I can't believe I have two big boys now!  
Ben will be in kindergarten and Will is about to start 2nd grade.

Back to work selfie with my boys.  The boys spent the last week with my mother-in-law while Mark and I had teacher in-service at school.  

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  1. Your boys are adorable! Are your summers always this busy? You make me look lazy ;)

  2. Okay so I think it's funny that two of your teacher friends are Kacy and Kacie. On my new team, there's a Kaci and then me, Kacie! They're all so similar and apparently popular!


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