Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Ben's First Day of Kindergarten

Ben's first day of kindergarten was on Monday.  He was so excited that he had a hard time going to sleep on Sunday night, and he woke up extra early on Monday morning.  He was ready for school.  Will has already figured out that summer is pretty great, and he wasn't as enthusiastic as Ben.

When we saw Ben after school, he couldn't wait to tell us all about the Gingerbread man hunt.  He said they looked all over the school for the gingerbread man and he left them notes.  After all that looking he was in the book.  He didn't know how the gingerbread man got in the book.  His words were "It was magical."  I just love that so much.  I hope school is this wonderful for him all year.  By the way, this is so different than Will.  Will loves school, but he doesn't talk about it like Ben does.  Ben is full of stories.  Will has more stories for us the older he gets, but it's not as easy to get them out of him as it is Ben.

I had to get a lot of photos of Ben on his first day of school.

Both of my big boys. 
Of course, I'm making them pose with a sign, which they will probably hate when they are older, but I think it's really cute at this age. (Blame Pinterest)

Will is happy about being in 2nd grade!  

Ben is ready!

Don't they look handsome.  I'm so proud of these two.

The boys and I are ready for the 2014-2015 school year.

My guys posing for a photo to humor me.

Hurrying in the school so mom and dad can get to their school.

This photo is precious.  He was the first one to his class that day. 
He put his backpack away in his locker and then found his seat.

Ben and his sweet teacher.

 Ben has his Play-Doh and name tag.  

Ben was happy when we left him and he was happy after school.  That makes me one happy mommy.

It's going to be a great school year.  
We are thankful for a great elementary school and awesome teachers.

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