Monday, March 7, 2011

Wool + Wall = Will

In the last week, Ben has started saying Will, but it sounds like a cross between Wool and Wall.  Before Ben started calling Will "Woal" Ben was calling Will  "Wa".  It's so sweet to hear him say his big brother's name.  Now that Ben is getting older, he and Will are playing together more.  I would always here other parents say that having kids close together was nice because they entertained each other.  I think we've reached that phase.  The boys have their moments where they get on each others nerves, but overall they get along really well.  Thank goodness!!!

Yesterday we had a fun day.  On Sunday afternoon our friends, Durwood and Shelly, came over with their little guy Dade.  The boys had a blast playing in the backyard while Shelly and I went to a wedding shower for Durwood's brother.

Ben and Will cruising.

Dade's such a cutie.

Will's climbing the rock wall.

Ben's such a big boy going down the slide.

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