Saturday, March 19, 2011

Happiness Is...

Happiness is a trip to IKEA.

Yesterday we finally made a trip to IKEA.  I've been planning a trip for a while, and it just never seems like we find time to go.  We needed to buy the boys some summer shoes so we headed to the mall that's closest to IKEA.  Remember, I live in a tiny town in the middle of nowhere, but we are fairly close to civilization.  The nearest IKEA is in Frisco, Texas.  It's about 45 minutes away.  Well, closer to an hour with traffic. 

I had two things in mind since I knew we were going to IKEA.

#1.  Eat lunch at the restaurant/cafeteria.  Yes, that's right.  I wanted to eat there.  I love their Swedish meatballs with lingonberry jam.  I usually buy a bag of frozen ones to take home, but I couldn't today because we weren't going straight home.  We also treated ourselves to a delicious dessert.

#2.  Purchase the Leksvik coat rack with hooks.  It's going in our laundry room, which is what we pass through when we enter and leave the house from the garage.  I plan to hang the boys' coats on it, but now that it's getting to be warmer weather, there's not really a need for coats.  Oh, well.  It'll be useful for other items, too.

I accomplished both goals!  #1. Check!  #2. Check!

We were pleasantly surprised when we learned that if you purchased over $100 they would deduct the cost of your meal from your overall purchase. 

Did you know it's really easy to spend $100 in IKEA? 

So easy!

I purchased some linen curtains and two pillows for our living room. 

A new basket for magazines or children's books.  I can't decide which one I will use it for. 

A silicon heart ice tray because it was in the bin by the checkout line and I'm a sucker like that. 

And last, but not least, I indulged in a dark chocolate bar.

All in all, I felt like it was reasonable, and the deduction of the cost of our meal made me even happier about my purchases.

We didn't end up finding any shoes for the boys at the mall, but, for now, I have my fix of the Swedish home goods megastore. 


  1. Oh man...I'm itching to go to Ikea. I have to plan a trip soon. Loving the pillows!

  2. I love Ikea and I wish there was one close to us. I love the pillows!!

  3. Super jealous! We don't have an ikea here in Hawaii :( Boo. Love the stuff you got!

  4. Love the pillows! I love Ikea, I always get so excited when I make the trip!!!
    Ejoy your Sunday!

  5. Love Ikea!!!! So many fun and fabulous things all in one place!


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