Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Much Lovey

In regards to your child's lovey, two are better than one.  As soon as we realized Will was attached to a stuffed animal AKA lovey, we bought two.  Will had a puppy and monkey that were his BFFs.  Ben has his bears.  Ben loves his bears so much that we actually have three.  There's the original bear that was a gift from his cousins, Max and Maggie, and there are two additional bears that we bought.  The original and a new bear stay at our house, which you can see above.  Another bear stays at Mamaw's house so Ben can have it when he naps.  Mark's mom, Mamaw Carol, keeps Ben and Will during the day while we are at work. 

If you have a new baby or are expecting, make a note of this.  As soon as you see your child developing an attachment for something, and if there's a possibility of getting another one, you should do it.  Having more than one bear has saved us on many occasions.

If you are a parent and your little one has lost his or her lovey, here's a neat website.

I'll be sharing my thoughts on lovey love at We are THAT Family
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  1. Like this idea! My son has a blanket he loves to sleep with, and we have three of them (slightly different patterns). :D

  2. Definitely great idea!! I must prepare :)


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