Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Lucky Mommy with Spring Outfits for the Little Boys....and Mommies too!!

Hey! I'm Emily from And, I'm The Lucky Mommy and I'm thrilled to be filling in here today for Michele at Imperfectly Wonderful World.  I just LOVE her blog and she's the sweetest for sure!
I write a blog about my sometimes chaotic but always fancy little life which includes fashion, food, an awesome Hubby and a Sweet Baby Boy.
My post today is going to give y'all a little shopping inspiration as we roll on into Spring.  I am sharing some fabulous outfits for the little boys….and of course some cutesies for the mommies too!
I simply LOVE shopping for my Sweet Baby Boy,  even more than I love shopping for myself {and that's major!}  Now that Sweet Baby is a BIG BOY {7 months old} he has his own style!  He's not into the frilly and frou frou….AT ALL.  He's a rambunctious little baby boy… …you know…always gettin' into somethin'!

My favorite productive procrastination is creating adorable outfits for my my Little Guy….

So, today I am here sharing some adorable outfits with you:

I just LOVE Toms for the little bitties!  And, I just couldn't leave out this
 A-A-DORABLE fire truck….every baby boy needs his own fire truck.

What about these Chuck Taylors!  And, don't even get me started on Ugly Dolls….they are so presh :)

This is one of my FAVORITE little vacation outfits!

Next up……..

Sweet Baby Boy can't wait to start soccer {3 years old}! So, I thought I would throw this in there for the itty bitty soccer stars and soccer stars to be!

 Must have!!  {including the puppy}

This outfit is from one of my favorite places online for the little boys......UpAndRiding
How could you NOT freak out over this little baby boy Vans?!?!

Okay, Okay….I had to include some stuff for the mommies:

You know Old Navy has some extremely cute and budget friendly looks for Spring!

And a little bit more fancy…. I am sooooo loving coral for Spring!

I'm so glad to be here today!  Y'all have a great end of the week!


  1. Awww...such cute outfits. I want Converse for my little one when he or she arrives!

  2. Cute outfits, love the mommy looks!

  3. Love the mommy looks (since I don't have a nugget of my own yet) and I am totally loving coral for spring/summer!

  4. Great job, Emily! I'd like one of each of what's shown above ;)

  5. LOVING the mommy looks! Eek :)


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