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What I Wore Wednesday Wk 25

What I Wore Wednesday Wk 25

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I'm Michele.  I'm a wife, mommy and junior high history teacher who has fun participating in WIWW each week.

Wednesday: School
It was jeans week.  I usually don't wear jeans to work, but it's allowed on jeans week at the end of the six weeks.
Skinny jeans: Target
Gray cardi: Old Navy
Ruffle top: Anthropologie
Layer tank: Gap
Black Flats: Gap
Necklace: Lisa Leonard family tree
Bracelet: Premier Designs
Ring: Sundance
Here's a better view of the Anthro top, bracelet and necklace.

Thursday: School
Jeans: Old Navy (really old)
Teal top: J Crew outlet
Black layer tank: Old Navy
Necklace: Old Navy
Bracelet and black flats: Same as Wednesday
Close-up of the ON necklace

Friday: School
No photo of my old Gap jeans, spirit shirt and Nike running shoes.  Seriously, you wouldn't be impressed or inspired ;)

Saturday: Stayed home all day in my PJs!!!  No photo of that either.

Sunday: Church, Sunday dinner at my favorite Tex-Mex restaurant, visited my grandpa at his assisted living home, and took my grandpa to visit my grandma at the nursing home.  I'm exhausted from typing that!  I planned to wear this outfit on Monday, but after the Tex-Mex and nursing home it needed to be washed. 
Pants: Old Navy
Top: Old Navy
Sweater: Gap outlet
Flats: Old Navy
Bracelet: Premier Designs
Close-up of the detail on the Old Navy top.  I think of it as a Boden knockoff.

Monday: School 
Pants/chinos, gray cardi and coral layer tank: J Crew outlet
Dot top: Tucker for Target
Flats: Old Navy
Earrings: Old Navy
Ring: Sundance

Tuesday: School
We were giving TAKS test and practice TAKS test so we were allowed to wear jeans, which are more comfortable since we'll be monitoring the students closely during the tests.
Jeans: Same skinny jeans from Wednesday
Tree t-shirt; Junk Food bought at Nordstrom Rack
Olive hoodie: Target
TOMS: Whole Foods
It's finally nice enough weather to wear my TOMS!  You've probably seen TOMS on everyone by now.  I've had mine almost a year, and I still love them.  I was told by the lady at Whole Foods to buy the shoes a half-size too small.  I wear a size 7 so I bought a 6.5.  I was skeptical since they were just a little snug, but she promised that they would break in and be perfect in a few days.  She was right.  After wearing them a few days, they were broken in and fit perfectly.

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  1. Love the anthro top!

  2. I want jeans week at work! You look great!

  3. Um, I have to say, jeans week sounds awesome!!!! I think my favorite outfit this week is the Boden-esque top and Gap sweater. So perfect together.

    Have a lovely week, Michele.

  4. Adorable as always! I love that dot top every time you wear it!

  5. my favorites were first wed! and monday! very cute :)

  6. Hi MIchelle! You look great. I love your anthro top and sweater and necklace! And LOVE your green TOMS with the skinny jeans and what a cute shirt you wore with them. I love my Toms too. I have black and I want green! :)

  7. I was going to comment on how great your first outfit is, then I kept what a fantastic week! of course, love the anthro top. monday was so simple, but perfect. thanks for the inspiration!

  8. ive been debating on purchasing some toms - yours looks great! thanks for the good tip about the size!

  9. Great outfits, I love the Junk Funk t-shirt!

  10. Loving your first and last outfit, cute cute!!!

  11. Hi,

    I love the dot top - very cute and the Toms shoes. Thanks for popping in on my blog to :o)


  12. You have got to be the cutest dressed teacher at your school! I love how the earrings and orange tank under your white dot top really make it stand out - very cute.


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