Wednesday, August 25, 2010

What I Wore Wednesday Wk 4

Back to school!  Summer vacation is over, and it's back to reality.   A week of teacher inservice kicked off the start to another school year.  It was a busy week of meetings, meetings and MORE meetings.  Did I mention that there were a lot of meetings?  I enjoyed seeing my co-workers and getting to work in my classroom, but it was tough leaving my two little boys at their grandma's.

Sunday: Church
Dress:  Ann Taylor LOFT
Shoes: Nine West (6 or 7 years old)
Ben's cute shirt: Baby Gap

Monday: Teacher Inservice, first day back to work.  It's the start of my 10th year teaching!
Jeans: Banana Republic
Tunic/Top:  Gap
Gold Sandals: Gap (on sale about $10!)
Necklace: Forever 21

Tuesday: Second day of inservice
Shorts: J Crew outlet
Brown Tank: Old Navy
Yellow (ocher, it really is the color listed on the tag):  Target
Brown flip flops: Aldo outlet

Wednesday: Inservice, meetings, meetings and MORE meetings
Jeans: Seven A Pocket bought at
Gray/white stripe top: Old Navy
Turquoise tank: Target
Red Flats: Gap (only $8 on sale!)
Bracelets: Premier Design Jewelry Party

Thursday: Teacher Inservice
Jeans Capris: Gap outlet
Tree shirt: Junk Food bought at Nordstrom Rack
Black Layer Tank: Old Navy
Shoes: TOMS bought at Whole Foods
Thursday Night: Meet the Teacher
Gray Dress and Black Leggings: Forever 21
Necklace and bracelet:  Can't remember the name of the store but it was in this area.
Red Flats: Gap

Friday: Final day of teacher inservice week.  I worked in my classroom and finished up all the last minute projects I'd been putting off.
Shorts: Nike
Retro College t-shirt: Bought at Nordstrom Rack in the Men's Dept.
Shoes: Nike Shox (really old, pre-kiddos when I was a runner)
Will's Toy Story t-shirt: Target

Saturday: Unexpected visit to the pediatrician because my little one had some weird rash thing.  After that was taken care of, I worked in my classroom for a couple of hours.
Bermuda Shorts: J Crew outlet
White layer tank: Old Navy
Navy shirt: Gap
Polka dot Shoes: Simple bought at REI (these shoes are fun and comfortable)

*Exhausted Mommy: first week back to school, mountain of laundry, messy house and sick little one

Head on over to the Pleated Poppy to meet other bloggers who document their clothes and outfits through WIWW.  For this small town girl, it's fun to meet new people and check out what they are wearing.



  1. Hey! Just stopping by from the Pleated Poppy's link party. :D
    I love those polka dot shoes! They are so cute!
    And that white top from Gap looks so pretty on you!


  2. Love the Sunday & Monday outfits - so cute. Good luck back at school!

  3. I think you are adorable!!! ;)

    I would be mortified if I posted what I wore everyday!!

    Hope your little one is feeling better soon!

  4. Just coming over from the Pleated Poppy. You are brave for posting what you wear. I'm too chicken. Still have a "few" pregnancy pounds to get off. You know it's time. He's three;) Good luck with school! We are in Texas as well and our daughter just started 2nd grade. Have fun!

  5. I like that Gap tunic top and I love those polka dot shoes, cute!

  6. Cute outfits! I think I have those same Nine West shoes :)

  7. I love your Monday outfit. That tunic is super cute!

    Hope you have a great year teaching!

  8. Your shoes=awesome! Love your looks. Enjoy the beginning of a new school year.

  9. LOVE the meet the teacher outfit the best. You have great style!


  10. love your style! great outfits! congratulations on 10yrs of teaching. none of my teachers were as 'hip' as you :)

  11. yep, me too! love the gap top & the toms are fun too.

    goodness, bless your heart going back to school & a sick little hard. you did much better then i did with a sick little one this week.

    hope he feels better!

  12. Like the black dress and black shoes...I have some old Nine West that are my Fav for a day of teaching. Wow 10 years, that awesome! Just started my 2nd year. Have a great school year!

  13. Those polka dot shoes are FAB! Love them and Junk Food T-shirt too. So fun!

  14. You've got great shoes! I used to teach before I had my children, and I do love these get ready for school days!

  15. My daughter and I are enjoying seeing all your adorable outfits!! :o)
    Hope you are having a wonderful weekend.
    Sincerely ~ Tricia


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