Monday, August 2, 2010

Monday Morning

I had the camera out on Monday morning and took some quick photos of my cuties.  Will had a bagel with cream cheese. Ben is eating at cracker in the photo.  Mark left the box of crackers out last night, and Ben spotted it when he first woke up.  He HAD to have a cracker so I gave in.  Ben only says a few words, otherwise, he points and grunts.  I kept hearing him grunt in the kitchen and couldn't figure out what he wanted.  I saw the cracker box on the counter and made the connection.  It's not all he had for breakfast, but it calmed him down for a moment so I could fix him something else. By the way, while I was taking photos, Will was taking advantage of me being distracted and went a little crazy with the cream cheese.  Next time I'll have to make sure he's not unattended with the cream cheese.  It was everywhere.

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