Monday, August 30, 2010

Kitchen Counter Chaos

I was thinking about being honest on the blog and wondering how truthful others are.  It's easy to let others see the good, but sometimes I'm guilty of glossing over the messy, untidy things in my life.  I certainly want to look like I have it all together and under control.  Well, sometimes I don't have it all under control.  My goal has always been to be honest.  The photos above are about as honest as it gets.  This is what my kitchen looks like after dinner.  Mark unloaded the dishwasher (be very jealous of my helpful husband) and the plastic sippy cup collection is drying on the counter top.  The sink is full of dishes.  Will's half-eaten PBJ is waiting to go to the trash.  Various cleaning products need to be put away under the counter.  Other miscellaneous items somehow end up in the mix. 

The last photos are a little bit of loveliness in the kitchen counter chaos.  The Method dish soap is wonderful.  I found this scent at Whole Foods.  It's my favorite.  The charming stacked beehive measuring cups are my grandma's.  Something delightful among the disorder. 

Hopefully this honest post will help you feel better if you don't have it under control.  Now, I'd better go and get the dishwasher loaded. 


  1. Thanks for keeping it real, Michele!! ;)

  2. What- you think THAT'S disorganized? Looks pretty OK to me... :0)

  3. Wow that's my kitchen on a good day!

  4. Oh wow! I live alone and I am way messier than that. Two shoulder surgeries a year apart and my house really needs some help! I still have one more week to wear the pillow sling since the last surgery, but it takes a year to get much use out of the arm, so guess it'll have to be messy a little longer. Love the bee measuring cups!


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