Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Halloween on the Square

We celebrated Halloween on Saturday at our small town's Halloween festival called Halloween on the Square.  It's an annual tradition and one of the many things I love about our small town.  All of the local businesses, churches and organizations set up booths and give away candy to all of the children in our community.  We attend every year and it never disappoints.  We gave away over one thousand pieces of candy from our church.  You just can't beat small town traditions where the entire community comes together to do something good.

The boys and me with the town square behind us.

Will getting candy from our church's table.  Mark's mom and her friend were so nice and passed out all of the candy.

My cousin, Karen, commented on facebook on this photo.  She said, "Will is pondering the candy and Ben is on to the next table for more."

Trick or Treat!

 More trick-or-treating

View of the town square

Another view of the town square and all of the people trick-or-treating

Ben our Little Monkey

Buzz Lightyear (Will) and Mark just before we left

Halloween on the Square 2010


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