Thursday, November 25, 2010


Give Thanks

We spent Thanksgiving day with my grandparents.  We took my grandpa to visit my grandma at the nursing home.  After our visit, we went back to his assisted living home and had Thanksgiving dinner with him.  The boys were so good throughout the entire day.  They even were well behaved eating dinner.  I wasn't sure how that would go, but they made it through without any major meltdowns.  I'm so thankful for my precious grandparents and getting to spend time with them today. 

On Friday, we will celebrate Thanksgiving with Mark's family.  I just took my pecan pie out of the oven.  The house smells amazing.  I'll share the recipe for my grandma's pecan pie soon.  In the morning at 5:00A.M. I'll be getting up to let 72 Rhodes dinner rolls thaw and rise.  It's my contribution every year for the Thanksgiving meal.  It's not really that technical, it just takes a lot of counter space and baking pans.

I hope your Thanksgiving was full of good food, family and fun.  Enjoy the remaining days of the holiday and good luck to any of you who are braving the Black Friday sales! 


  1. Happy Thanksgiving! And, you are lucky to have 2 Thanksgiving dinners in a row! :)

  2. such a wonderful and meaningful Thanksgiving you got to spend with your grandparents! that is so incredibly special, and I'm glad your kiddo's cooperated for the day. hope your second Thanksgiving was as equally blessed!

  3. That is wonderful that your grandparents have been able to meet and spend so many memorable moments with your children! Glad you stopped by my blog - and so now I have a new blog to read!! Your boys are too cute! Hope yall had a great Thanksgiving!!!


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