Sunday, November 7, 2010

Today's The Big Day

All week Will would ask if it was Saturday because that's the day he would have his fourth birthday party.  He was so ready for his big day.  Finally his big day arrived and we celebrated with family and friends this weekend.  He chose a Toy Story 3 theme-party to celebrate.  It was a simple party, which has made me realize that simple is best.  I'm usually a nervous wreck when it's time for a birthday party.  This time I decided that I wouldn't stress about getting the house extra clean.  Who cares if the furniture has dust on it?  The preparation was pretty easy.  I didn't worry about extravagant decorations or party favors.  I'm pretty lucky because the cake was delivered by my friend and the local florist delivered the balloons (pretty nice having it brought to my doorstep, literally!).  The food was simple.  I served chips and dips inside for the adults.  Outside we served birthday cake and ice cream sundaes.  The kids loved building their own sundae.   Being relaxed helped me to be a better hostess.  Even my friends commented on how much fun they had.  I was able to enjoy their company and not stress about being the perfect hostess.  Will had a blast playing with his cousins and buddies, Ty and Dade.  I'm lucky that several of my good friends have kiddos the same age as mine so it makes for perfect birthday parties.  I appreciate that they always make an effort to attend. 

A good time was had by all!

The Birthday Boy

The cake was made by my very talented friend, Brandi.  She's a middle school teacher by day and a cake maker extraordinaire by night.  Her cakes look awesome and taste even better.

I can't believe Will is four!

 Big grin!


 Will was singing "Happy Birthday" to himself, how cute!

 Mark and Will

 My dear friend, Shelly, helping the kiddos make ice cream sundaes.

 Sprinkles make everything taste better.

Lego Duplo barn/farm from Daddy, Mommy and Ben

Mo Willems!!!  Can you see the genuine excitement?  Will lives Mo Willems books.  I highly recommend him.  He's one of our favorites.

 Personalized card made by one of Will's cousins.

 Will loves the new "Jimmy Dean" pillow his cousin Emily made him.

New stamp set from Mamaw and Papaw

Buzz Lightyear from Mamaw and Papaw

Ben checking out Buzz

Papaw and Will

Rachael and Ben
Ben kept trying to get in the car with Rachael and she kept telling him, "No!"  It was hilarious.

My grandpa bonded with my friend Terri's husband Benjie.  Benjie heard a lot of interesting stories, I'm sure!

Two gorgeous kids, Meghan and Dade

Ty was ready to play when he arrived.  So fun!

 Will would wear these boots all the time if I'd let him.

 Two my best friends, Cory and Terri.  They are always so sweet and make an extra effort to attend parties for my boys.  They are the best!

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