Monday, November 22, 2010


The lovely fall leaves are on the crape {crepe} myrtle trees in my backyard.  Crape Myrtle trees are beautiful in the spring and summer when they are in full bloom with colorful flowers.  We have them planted in our front and backyard.  The trees in the photos have white flowers when they are in bloom.  We also have pink and red crape myrtles.  In the fall our crape myrtle trees have the most vibrant leaves.  I love how the trees are beautiful for different reasons in different seasons.  I took the photos a few days ago before the wind started blowing like crazy.  Now so many of the leaves have fallen to the ground, but while they were on the trees they were such a beautiful sight to see.  It's nice to find beauty in the simple things.

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  1. I love to see the leaves changing colors too. Our day was quite windy as well. When my daughter brought the mail up I had to dash outside to help gather it as it scattered across the lawn. (: Soon, it will be snow!

  2. hi Michele,

    Beautiful pics of those leaves! I just love to see all the vibrant colors. I want to have some liqui amber trees right outside my window someday. Those turn such beautiful reds.

    Have a wonderful holiday week! Cheers.

  3. It was so great to see you stop by my blog today - it brought a smile to my face so thank you! I've been perusing through your blog and i have to say, i love your "what i wore" posts - you have great taste. I never looked pulled together enough to do those posts!

  4. It's so pretty!!!!
    Our's are just starting to change and will be falling soon, I love it!
    Have a wonderful thanksgiving!

  5. wow, that so lovely! we don't have trees that change colors like that in az and i wish we did. the color change is so magnificent.

  6. Michele, I got them last year. And, they were hard to find. If you find them....I need another pair. In black and brown actually. Size 7 1/2. I swear I'm good for the money and shipping! :) Good luck. I hope you find them...for both of us.


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