Sunday, February 6, 2011

Old Family Photos

There aren't many things that can make me more sentimental or nostalgic than seeing old family photos.  Since we had four unexpected days off from work this week, and we couldn't go anywhere because of the snow and ice, we scanned and saved a few old family photos.  There are so many more that need to be scanned, hundreds more.   It's a tedious task, but the end result has been well worth it.  Our goal is to scan all of the photos and give all of our family members a digital copy.  I will return the originals to the families once we are finished.  My grandparents had several brothers and sisters and we have so many priceless photos of extended family as well as countless photos of our immediate family. 

I shared the photos below and several more on facebook this week and the comments I received were overwhelming.  Each comment was so special, and I cried after reading many of them.  It encouraged me to work hard to finish this project.  Actually, Mark is doing most of the hard work scanning the photos.  I'm keeping the boys preoccupied so they don't harm the photos. 

Due to some family issues that I will not go in to, I have not had contact with some of my family members in the last year.  Seeing these old photos reminded me of the good times and made me thankful for the loving extended family that I was blessed to be a part of growing up.

This is a photo of my grandparents' four sons

My grandparents, July 1940
This would be just before they were married in September 1940.
I wrote about their 70th anniversary here

My grandparents 

My grandpa (on right) with some farming equipment in the background.

My grandma as a young girl.  She has two sisters and a brother.  Their father died of influenza when she was just nine years old.  This photo couldn't have been more than a few years after that.  She wrote near the photo that she was sitting on the fencepost on the honeysuckles at the old stucco house they lived in.  That old house isn't far from where I live today. 

My handsome grandpa, Papa Ralph 

My beautiful grandma, Mama Winnie

My grandma's brother, Joe (on left), and my grandpa, Ralph (on right) 
I believe they were attending my grandma's senior prom.
They look so handsome.  Joe's children told me they had never seen this photo of their father.  That gave me goosebumps.

My grandma, Mama Winnie 

I'll be sharing my family photos at Sentimental Sunday with Cha Cha at Sit Relax and Read.  I'm so thankful for Cha Cha and Sentimental Sundays.  She gets it and gets me!  I participate in several link ups from time to time, but this is the place where I feel like myself.  She's given me a place to share the things that I hold dear.  Cha Cha, thank you for giving me a place to feel at home.

Sit Relax and Read


  1. What great photos! Love the first one! I need to do this as well! I uploaded a ton of old photos for our wedding slideshow, so I know how tedious it can be!

  2. Okay, I could not leave a message yesterday because you made me cry, again. You grandmothers smile just brings a smile to my face, it is contagious. I am so glad to be back to Sentimental Sunday--it is my favorite post every week.

    Thank You for your sweet words, you get me.

    Cha Cha

  3. wow! I love the one of the men and the farm equipment.


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