Monday, February 21, 2011

Ben's First Haircut

Things have been kind of crazy around our house lately.  I haven't had time to share photos from Ben's first haircut on February 10.  I waited and waited to cut his hair until it was out of control.  Mark would have been happy if I cut his hair months ago, but I just couldn't bring myself to do it.  I realize that cutting or not cutting his hair has no affect on him staying a baby, but it was as if I was giving in to my baby growing up if I cut it.  Ben was about 20 months old for his first haircut and Will was about 17 months old for his first haircut.  I'll have to share photos of Will's first haircut on a Flashback  Friday.

Here are some photos of my little guy before, during and after.

Before his haircut

Ben's not sure what to think. 

You can see how long Ben's hair was in this photo. 

We gave Ben a sucker to keep him still.  He loved it!

Bye bye baby curls...tear! 

We also gave Ben a popsicle to keep him happy.

Ben after his bath.  He's playing in Will's closet. 

Ben with his big boy haircut!


  1. So cute, I think it makes him look younger and that is a good thing coming from one who also has a 17 mth old!

  2. Oh those first hair cuts really do change them into big boys. He is so handsome.

    Cha Cha

  3. awww...he looks adorable with his new big boy haircut.


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