Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Holiday Cookie Exchange

The ladies at our church had a cookie exchange on Sunday night. I came up with the idea and my friend, Jami, hosted it at her beautiful home.  We all came together to visit, eat, play games and exchange cookies, of course.  This was the first time we've ever had a holiday cookie exchange, and it was a big hit.  There are many great things about the small church I attend in our small town, but one of the neatest things is the mix of young and old.  We had young moms my age and older ladies who are the age of my grandparents.  Such sweet fellowship.

We couldn't have a cookie exchange party without cookies and the ladies didn't disappoint.

Another view of the goodies.

Group photo

Jami's stunning Christmas tree.

Getting ready to play some party games.

Waiting for the games to begin.

Just another view of the ladies before we played games.

Let the cookie swapping begin!!!

Stephanie and Shana are going to have happy husbands when they see the goodies they bring home.

My mother-in-law, Carol, on the left and her friend Louise.
It looks like Louise got caught with her hand in the cookie jar :)

Nikia is a hoot!
She made this her profile picture on facebook.  I think she made a comment about being the Cookie Monster, ha!

Regina showing off her plate full of cookies.

Sheri models in a lovely Vanna White pose her cookies.

I feel so blessed to have so many wonderful ladies in my life.  What a special and fun way to celebrate the holidays.  I hope that the Holiday Cookie Exchange will become an annual event for us.


  1. Woah! That's a lot of cookies!!! Looks like such a lovely evening (in a gorgeous home). Merry Christmas!

  2. so fun! I love cookie exchanges. What a fun night!

  3. Looks like a wonderful cookie exchange! Though I've never held one myself, I imagine it would be a delightful way to gather friends, share stories, and indulge in some of the best sweets around. Merry baking and Happy Holidays!


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