Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Spring Break Please Slow Down!

It's already Wednesday! 
Why does the week always fly by when we are out of school? 

So far Spring Break has been busy and full of fun.

On Monday we visited the Dallas Arboretum.  It's always spectacular during the spring.  Last year we went to Dallas Blooms at the arboretum and I didn't think it could be any more beautiful, but this year it was equally as gorgeous.

It was the perfect day to visit.  There were tons of children's activities, which will be a blog post all its own.

This was probably my favorite photo of Will and Ben.

Look at the gorgeous flowers!

This photo cracks me up!  Ben's sunglasses are on upside down :)

The boys could have played on this bridge and the playhouse that was nearby the entire day. 

Monday evening we met up with my cousin and her family.  We went to their house and ordered Pei Wei to go and let the kiddos play.  Fun and relaxing. 

Yesterday, we took the boys to see The Lorax.  It was terrific!  The only negative thing about our movie experience is that we had to sit on the second row!  Not the best view in the theater.  We may watch it again just so we have a better seat and can enjoy it more.  Will and Ben really enjoyed it.

Today we're having a laid back hump day.  Tomorrow will be full of errands and then it will be Friday!

Where did the break go?

I'll have more photos from the Arboretum later this week.  Happy Wednesday!


  1. Cute pictures of the boys at the arboretum, it looks so beautiful there! Sounds like you guys are having a great time and enjoying everyday :)

  2. What great pics! Sounds like you're having a wonderful Spring Break, enjoy the second half of it : )


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