Saturday, March 17, 2012


St. Patrick's Day 2012

We decided to take the boys to eat at Chick fil A and then visit my grandmother, Mama Winnie, in the nursing home.

Here are Ben and Will dressed in green.  Will really wanted to make sure he wore green so he didn't get pinched.  I was surprised at how many people didn't wear green today.

Mama Winnie wasn't feeling very good so we didn't visit with her very long.  Her sister, Oma, lives in the same nursing home and we were able to visit her also.  She looked so precious all dressed in green for St. Patrick's Day.  She is such a joy to visit.  Aunt Oma is one of the neatest ladies I've ever known.  She is either 95 or 96, truly remarkable.


  1. We went to Chick fil a today too :)
    We also noticed most people not in green even kids. I'm pretty sure my we were the only family all in green that we saw out and about today!

  2. She's so cute all in her green!

  3. So sweet. I had a great Aunt Oma as well! :)

    I love that you and the boys visit with your Grandma Winnie so much.

    We were out on Saturday too all dressed in our green, and were also surprised at how many weren't wearing it.


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