Saturday, March 10, 2012


Lately whenever I read this book to Ben I cry.  I read it to Will when he was Ben's age and I would cry then, too. I blamed the crying when I read it to Will because I was pregnant with Ben.  Now I think I cry because it reminds me of my grandpa.  You know the part where the son gets old and goes to see his mother...gets me every single time!

Lately the weather has been fickle.  Last week the boys were in shorts and t-shirts.
Look at their matching Batman t-shirts! 

Will at Chick fil A 

Yesterday they wore jeans and hoodies to school.
Photo attempt #1  

Photo attempt #2 

Lately when we shop at Target Ben has to stop by this dinosaur toy display.  He has a love/hate relationship with the toy.  It scares him but he can't help but press the button to make the dinosaur roar.

Lately I've been touched by the kindness of others.  My BFF Angela sent me this gorgeous new top from Anthro.  She wrote me the sweetest note, which reminded me why we are such good friends.  She gets it!   

Lately my boys have brought out the best and worst in me.  I love them more than anything but they can also push my buttons and drive me crazy.

How could you not love this face?   
Or this face?

Lately signs of spring are everywhere.  These stunning flowers were at...
Yep, last night when I went into Wal-Mart this huge display was at the entrance.  So pretty! 

My friend at work, Kacie, received this beautiful flower arrangement for her birthday.  I took a photo because it was so lovely. 

Lately my life has been consumed with counting points for Weight Watchers.  I hit a low point this week.  I know, I know, I've only been doing WW for two weeks.  How can I already hit a low point?  I guess I realized that the weight just doesn't magically come off.  It's going to take me a while to lose it.  I think it is a good thing, but also a challenge for someone who likes instant results. Thank goodness 3 other teachers in my school and Will's pre-school teacher are also doing WW.  I don't go to meetings (I'm only doing it online) and their support has been such an encouragement.

If you are doing WW, which I know a few of you are.  These are very low in point value.  I think only 2 pts per serving.  Pretty great, right!?! 

Lately I've been eating and eating and eating this fresh pico de gallo.  It's 0 points and makes everything taste better.  If you can't tell, I added a crazy amount of cilantro.  Yum! 

Life in an Instant

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  1. I didn't realize you were a teacher?! What do you teach?? I'm not doing weight watchers, but am trying to get ready for swim suit season....aren't we all?!?! You need to share your recipe for the pico de gallo!! Looks awesome!!!

  2. Your pico looks delicious. I could eat that all the time, on everything. I know exactly what you mean about your kids bringing out the best and the worst in you. It's a crazy feeling how you can love them so much and want to run away, all in a matter of 2 seconds. Sending you a hug! The weather has been so up and down lately, huh? I just realized tonight that Boyd has no summer pjs, so he went to bed in a tshirt. He said, but mommy this is a daytime shirt. :) Have a good night.

  3. I cry every time I read that book too!


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