Thursday, March 15, 2012

More Arboretum Photos

More photos from our visit on Monday to the Dallas Arboretum.

Will is peeking out the window of one of the playhouses.

There was a petting zoo!
This was Will and Ben's petting zoo experience.
The animals were extremely gentle.

I'm not sure if chickens eat hay but Will was going to try to feed it some anyway.

Ben is trying to feed the baby goat.

After the petting zoo we went to the craft table.  The boys made tissue paper and pipe cleaner flowers.

Mark's pushing Ben.  Ben's still holding his tissue paper flower. 

Mark's parents, Carol and Jerry went with us. 

Ben ended up getting more water on his shirt than what he actually drank.  Oh, well!  He's as happy as can be. 
Check out the grass stains on Ben's knees.  He and Will had numerous grass and mud stains.  Usually I can tell if they had fun by the amount of stains on their clothes.  I'd say Monday was a fun-filled day :)  I should buy stock in Oxi Clean!

Two boys were ready to go eat lunch. 


  1. I love boys with dirty knees. Boyd played in a sandbox the other day for hours and his pants were stained when he got out.

    Great pictures again!

    Oh, and Boyd is the same as Ben with a water bottle. He still hasn't figured out how to drink it as opposed to wearing it. :)

  2. oh my goodness, don't know why, but these pics really made me miss you guys!! I am SO hoping you find the time and $$ to take a trip to the Midwest this year!!! ;)


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