Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Mom Shorts

I'm sure most of you are familiar with the term "mom jeans" that Tina Fey came up with on SNL.  "Mom jeans" have a really high waist and unflattering fit, especially in the back.

I've gone back and forth in recent years about what are appropriate "mom shorts".  I'll admit when I was younger (teenager and college)  I'd wear short-shorts, but I'm a mom now and there's no way I'd be caught dead in short-shorts.  After I had Will, Bermuda shorts were just starting to get really popular.  I bought several pairs and they were my go-to shorts.  Last year I decided to get some new shorts that weren't Bermudas.  I had the hardest time deciding which inseam length was appropriate.  When I tried on shorts with a 3 inch inseam, Mark laughed.  That was a good indicator that the 3 inch inseam was not a good thing.   He told me that I looked like I was a high school or college girl. I wasn't offended.  He was right and his comment made me laugh, too!

 This year I was ordering a pair of new shorts from Old Navy and I read the reviews before I made my purchase.  (I always read reviews, do you?)  The reviews confirmed what Mark and I had already decided.  The 3 inch inseam is definitely too short if you're a mom.  It's what teenage girls wear.  Hello, I'm almost 35!!!

I decided that if I wasn't going to wear Bermuda shorts all the time then I'd settle for the 5 inch inseam.  It's just the right length for "mom shorts".  It's long enough that I don't feel skanky but short enough to feel still young and fun.

I'm ready for summer!



  1. wow--you are all set for summer! last year i got several pair of 5" shorts from jcrew outlet and i loved them. can't wait to pull them out soon.
    (i ALWAYS read reviews too!)

  2. I love the perfect 5" shorts! Wore them all the time...and best part is, I could wear them to teach in also, and they were dressy enough and still appropriate! I think I need to shop now!

  3. I'm a 5" girl - I own a rainbow of 5" shorts from J.Crew. In recent years I've added lots of bermudas to my collection as well. I agree that no mom should wear booty shorts...better yet nobody over 13 should. :)

  4. I love that you posted this. Thank you so much for the recommendation. I am always searching for appropriate, yet cute "Mom Shorts." I feel so stupid in the short, short ones. Off to the website. And YES, I always read the reviews!


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