Wednesday, March 28, 2012


I had a great afternoon hanging out with Will and Ben in the backyard.  After we picked up the boys from daycare, Will wanted to eat his snack outside.  Will and I got to hang out and chat while he ate chips and I had carrot sticks.  He told me about his day and we discussed random thoughts of a 5-year-old.

Tonight after supper but before church the boys had about 45 minutes to play.

I tried to get a photo of the boys together.  Ben decided to grab hold of Will's hair. 

Hey!  Don't pull my hair!

If you look closely at Ben's sweet face, you can see that we had BBQ chicken for dinner.

My other sweetie is growing up too fast! 

We've been making the most of our perfect weather by playing outside any chance we get.  In Texas there's a window of nice weather in the Spring and Fall where you can be outside at anytime of day and enjoy yourself.  When it gets to the dog days of summer we barely get to spend any time outside because it's so hot and humid.  I'm thankful for this nice weather and the opportunity to play outside with the boys.


  1. Um, what handsome little guys you have! Ben's gorgeous eyes and Will's smile melted my heart.

  2. Cute boys and fun afternoon! Now I want bbq chicken too!

  3. You have to love BBQ sauce left-overs on the face! Too cute, Michele!

  4. We have been doing the same- trying to spend as much time as possible outside! In MN we are just so excited about this wonderful, early spring we are having! Love the little BBQ face:)

  5. Such cute young men you are raising Michele!
    They sure have grown a lot since I started reading your blog!!

    We have been taking every advantage of the warmer weather too. I hear we may have rain today, and I hope not because I am having my mom over for her bday dinner and we usually eat outside. We will see.

    Have a great day Michele!


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