Sunday, April 3, 2011

Poland {Part Four}

I wasn't going to post today because I have a sick little one who is suffering from terrible allergies, but I decided to share my final thoughts on Poland while he napped. 

If you read Poland Part One, Part Two and Part Three you can find out more about the mission trip I took to Poland with my church when I was 18. 

After our work was completed in Poland we ended the trip in London.  Wow! 
London Bridge

Since I'm obsessed with the upcoming Royal Wedding, I can't help but be sentimental when I look back at the photos of our short time in London. 
Here are the gates at Buckingham Palace. 

Here are some of the sentimental items I brought home from Poland.

This charming little cup holds pens and pencils in my kitchen.

These wooden boxes are on my desk at school and hold paper clips. 

These eggs seem appropriate for Easter.  I wish I had a dozen. 

The detail on the nesting dolls is phenomenal.

I have two different nesting dolls. 

I'll be sharing with Cha Cha at Sit Relax and Read.
Sit Relax and Read

*On a side note, I photographed most of the items outside one day while the boys were playing.  I have to multitask or I wouldn't ever get anything done.  So if the items look to be in strange locations, they are :)  I had most of them on the playset and took photos while the boys played.


  1. I love that pencil's so nice that you can always have that out to remember your trip. Thanks for sharing your memories.

  2. Oh... I love the pieces you brought back. They are beautiful! I also have a box similar to yours that is from Poland. The nesting dolls are so sweet. Such wonderful memories!!

  3. I am cracking up at your sidenote. I love each and evey item you have. My girls each have a set of nesting dolls that my parents have brought them back from trips they have taken so of course I love yours.

    Thank you for sharing your treasures,
    Cha Cha


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