Sunday, April 10, 2011

Jane Marie

When I was a young girl, I loved to play with baby dolls.  My favorite baby doll of all time was named Jane Marie.  My grandma said I named her after a character on one of the soap operas she watched.  Isn't that funny?

These crocheted afghans were baby blankets for my baby dolls.  They were made by my very talented great-grandmother, Mama Lynn.  The sweet, little blankets were the perfect size for my baby doll, Jane Marie.  I remember playing happily for hours with my baby dolls and these blankets.

To see more sentimental treasures, check out Sit Relax and Read.  Cha Cha hosts the sweetest link up where you can share what's in your home that's near and dear to your heart.
Sit Relax and Read


  1. I love crocheted blankets! Always my favorite gift to receive especially when the girls were born :)

  2. These are just the sweetest. My first baby dolls name was Audrey and I named my first daughter Audrey (after my husbands grandmother not my doll) weird huh. You have reminded me of my sweet doll, thanks for the trip down memory lane.
    You are such a wonderful supporter of my Sentimental Sundays, Thank you so much.

    Cha Cha


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