Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Berry Good

Blackberry cobbler is my very favorite dessert.  The blackberry cobbler recipe I use calls for 8 cups of blackberries!  Since blackberries aren't cheap, the only way I'm able to make the cobbler is if I pick the berries myself.  Each year in early June the blackberries are ripe for picking.  One afternoon, Mark, his dad Jerry and I picked as many as we could.  It was very productive other than stepping in an ant pile and a few scratches from the berry bush thorns. 
These blackberry bushes are at my in-law's house. 

I followed this recipe for the blackberry pie bars.  They were good, but nothing will ever top blackberry cobbler in my book. 
Email me if you are interested in the recipe I use for blackberry cobbler.  It's probably 10 years old from a Southern Living magazine.  Blackberry cobbler perfection!

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  1. My dad has wild blackberries that grow on his property. They are so delicious...in anything really. Looks amazing.


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