Saturday, July 6, 2013

Will's Kindergarten Graduation

Congratulations to Will for successfully completing kindergarten!

We're so proud of him!

  It just seems like yesterday we were walking him in to the elementary for his very first day of school.  I can't believe that he's already finished his first year of school.  I'm afraid if I blink he'll be a senior in high school and we'll be sending him off to college.

Slow. Down. Please.

The school year went by quickly and without any major issues.  We've been blessed that Will loves school and it's never been difficult to get him to go.  He's been enthusiastic about attending even when he's sick. He's learned so much academically but he's also made friends and grown socially.  I know he's getting bigger, but he's still the sweet-natured, kind, good boy that we know and love.

The kindergarten graduation ceremony was very low-key and simple.  This photo was taken in Will's classroom after the larger assembly in the gym.  I love how proud he looks in this photo.  

Here's one pic from the gym when Mrs. W presented him with his awards packet.

Back in the classroom each student was given a personal award and certificate and their kindergarten diploma.  Will received the Kit-Kat Award "for always being by the teacher's side and ready to give her a break."  

Can you tell he's proud of his award?  Super cute!

Look at the kindergarten graduate!

This is the face of "how many more photos, Mom?".

Cap: minus the gown and diploma

Way to go Class of 2025!

*I'm about a month late on this post.  Life's been hectic and busy so even though I'm late, I still wanted to share this special accomplishment.

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