Monday, October 10, 2011

Happy. Monday.

I have a list of good things to share with you!

Lately I've been heavy-hearted, there's no denying that.  I know my blogging has reflected it.  Despite all of the sad things in my life, there are so many things to be grateful for.  Today I will focus on the positive.

My father-in-law, Jerry,  received a good report from the doctor.  His scans and tests came back good and the doctor is positive his prostate cancer can be treated.  It did not spread to other parts of his body.  Prayers answered!!!  He will still have to have some form of treatment and that will be a challenge because there are side effects from each option.  Please keep him in your prayers.
This was taken June 9, 2011 in Tennessee at The Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

On Saturday, Ben and I did something fun.  There was a craft fair in the local high school.  The weather was amazing so Ben and I walked to it.  It was nice to hang out with Ben while Mark and Will stayed home.  Ben was really well-behaved while we strolled around and looked at all the different booths.  I purchased some wonderful handmade items.

These beautiful scarves are handmade by my sister-in-law, Andrea.  Last year I wrote about Andrea and the honorable charity she supports, Knitters Without Borders.  You can check out the post here to get more info.
I have a closet full of beautiful scarves that she's made, but I can't resist buying more!  Is that what you call an addiction?

The colors and textures are beautiful.

I met Caroline from good times never seem sew good at the craft fair.  She's so sweet and a fellow Aggie :)  I bought two adorable flower headbands. 
I have a cute story to tell you about wearing the one with white flowers.  I'll save it for my WIWW post on Wednesday.

I also bought Mark a homemade pumpkin roll.  Well, it wasn't all for Mark.  (I may have had a piece or two.)  Sunday afternoon was rainy--the perfect day to enjoy a cup of hot tea and some pumpkin roll.  Delish! 

Angela from Unexpected Elegance sent me the sweetest thing.  She made this beautiful key chain.
Her post about the key chain made me cry.  She is a dear friend and I'm thankful she's in my life.

"My friends remind me, by their very steadfastness, that truth, beauty, and goodness exist in the world, and that, no matter what, there will be people loving people through thick and thin."

I found that beautiful quote on Pinterest.  I posted it as one of my facebook statuses this week.  I can't express how much my friends (real life and blog) have been a source of strength and encouragement during this difficult time. 

Speaking of friends, my cousin, Laine, is a relative and close friend.  Laine, Tommy and big brother Sam anxiously await Harper's arrival in November.  I'm beyond thrilled for their family.  Saturday I went to a baby shower in her honor.  She has the neatest group of friends and the shower was absolutely lovely.

*Laine is 8 months pregnant and glowing.  I, on the other hand, am not pregnant, but this top sort of makes me look that way.  I still love the top, but I will remember to suck in if I ever have my photo taken in it again :)

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  1. knowing that "His grace is enough" is so comforting, isn't it? love that keychain!

    the scarves are so pretty and the headbands are darling.

    i'm glad the cancer is treatable. that is a blessing!

  2. I think I'm grateful for some of the same kinds of things as you! Thanks for making me think about all things good in the world! :)

  3. Sorry you've been kinda heavy hearted... thinking about you!

    I love the headbands... and the pumpkin roll of course, I just can't get enough pumpkin right now! :)


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