Monday, October 24, 2011

More Kiddos, Less Me

Sometimes I feel like my blog has more photos of me than my children, family and friends.  Today I want to have more of them and less of me.  I really try to find a balance in blogging.  I like my WIWW posts, but I like even more that my blog keeps a record of our family.  I'm not great about keeping a journal so it's also been the perfect place to preserve special moments and everyday life.

I'm sharing my random ramblings on Miscellaneous Monday at lowercase letters and Lisa Leonard.

Ben is in a big boy bed!
We removed the front of his crib on October 13th and attached the toddler bed rail.  I was nervous about the transition.  I remember converting Will's crib to a toddler bed.  He stayed in it the first night, but as soon as he realized he could get out of bed he'd hit the ground running.  I remember Mark waiting in the hall to catch Will as he ran down the hall, and then putting him back to bed over and over.  It's funny now but not at the time.  I expected the same thing from Ben.  I was pleasantly surprised when he stayed in bed all night long.  He was even unsure if he could get up in the morning.  By now Ben's figured out that he can get in and out, but he's staying in his bed much longer than I ever thought.  Nap time is a little tricky.  He gets in bed, but as soon as I leave the room he's up playing.  He plays for a little bit and then settles down and usually goes to sleep.  In the mornings, instead of screaming for me to come and get him, like he did when he was still in his crib, he gets out on his own.  If I'm still in bed, he and Will start watching cartoons in the living room.  Of course, this wakes me up, but it's nice to wake up to the boys playing instead of waking up to screaming.

Ben has to have his blankie and lots of animals.

This photo was taken just after we finished attaching the toddler rail.  Ben's nice and comfy and Will wants to check it out, too.  Will even went to his room and brought Ben an extra pillow.  I thought that was super sweet.

Sometimes they like to get in Ben's bed and read books.  I love this!

On October 24th we had a family reunion at Bonham State Park.  Each fall we meet up with my mother-in-law's family.  Last year we went to Cooper Lake State Park (read about it here).  It was beautiful weather and everyone enjoyed spending time together. 

Will had fun playing with his cousins and extended cousins.  Sidewalk chalk and bubbles travel easily.  We usually bring those to the reunion to occupy the kiddos. 

My mother-in-law is on the right.  In the photo is her sister, great-niece, niece and granddaughter. 

Spaghetti (or as Ben says "sga-betti)
Wow!  It makes such a mess.  I guess that's why my boys love it so much.
Did you notice the noddle on his head?  Good times!

Did you notice the noddles on the table? 

Who knew dinner time could be so much fun? 

Saturday the boys played outside in the perfect weather.  They lined up their cars and they were ready for an adventure.  They told me they were going to the cafe.  They also had to stop and get gas along the way.  Their imaginations are phenomenal.  It's awesome to see them play together.  They have such a good time. 

I think Will is pointing the way to the cafe. 

Really, another picture? 

Drop by tomorrow and I'll be sharing some neat thoughts from Will.  Its his perspective on Heaven and Earth since my grandpa passed away.  Saturday it was a month since Papa's death and I couldn't help but be sad.  Will's sweet words made me feel better.

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